Dragon Points


Mr. Long for doing a great job with our Veteran's Day Ceremony. Mrs. Garcia for planning a great Veteran's Day Ceremony. Mrs. Sims for her work with students and communicating with an outside agency. Coaches for an excellent football season and the cheerleading sponsors for their work with the squad. To the group of teachers who supported our students in the incredible cold...Thank you. For all of you who have put comments on the Kudos Board....Thank you!!!

Bad Weather/Emergencies

While I am not expecting a severe weather day, I wanted to put this in the Dragon Points for those who have not registered for Remind 101.

Remind 101 (details in staff handbook)

  • Enter this Number (469) 293-9119
  • With this Message @drag14


  • Announcements need to be to Mr. Long twenty-four hours in advance so that we govern ourselves accordingly for instructional time.
  • During team time the calendar and Dragon Points should be reviewed so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Substitutes are in low quantities especially on Mondays and Fridays which causes us to pull from our paras such as Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Solow. The dominoes continue to fall with not being able to properly serve our ESL students, etc. Unless it is an emergency do not take off on Mondays and Fridays. No, there is no extra pay for when you cover someone else's class. It falls under other assigned duties.
  • December 3rd there will be visitors walking classrooms...be prepared.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

I just wanted to follow up with some reminders:

  • Bell to Bell Learning (Students should be reading, writing, discussing or working with hands on activities.)
  • Your Agendas, Essential Questions, and Enduring Understandings should be on the boards in your classes. They should also include Language and Content Objectives for those of you who are ESL trained and certified.

RTI/P.R.I.M. Books

Two years ago we ordered roughly six Pre-Referal Intervention Manuals. If you have them please bring them to Mrs. Sims. We are doing some inventory and need a proper count so we are not ordering something that we already have at Durham.

Faculty Meeting

The next faculty meeting will be on December 3 and will be lengthy. Please plan accordingly. Between now and the next faculty meeting you will need to write down on a note card five higher level thinking questions that you have asked in the past couple of weeks and the most important part is when you asked them. If you're not at the faculty meeting have your questions in my box by Thursday, Dec. 4th by 4:00 pm.

BLT Meeting

At the next BLT meeting on Dec. 4th, one member from each core department will need to present their STAAR Improvement Plan that was worked on during the PLC's on Nov. 11th, 12th and 13th. If you have a member on the BLT, they may be your presenter.

Operation Success

When working on your after school groups for next semester please make sure that you are not forgetting our special education and ELL learners. If you are an inclusion teacher, we will be using you in the spring to work with these groups to ensure their growth and progress.

Safe and Civil

Beginning next week and through winter break, I will be in hallways evaluating where we are on procedures, how often we are where we are suppose to be, etc. Just letting you know.


Anger is the wind that blows out the lamp of the mind.-Robert G. Ingersoll