JROB Dugout News 6/10-14


Reflection on 180 days of #thisiswhywedothis..........

Each school year marks another milestone in our lives as well. We meet the last week with a sense of accomplishment mixed with tenderness and sadness about saying goodbye to our students. Although we are eager for our summer there is that time where we are surprised and experience a feeling of melancholy when facing the fact that the year is coming to completion.

I am not only saying goodbye to my 27th year in education and my 17th year as principal (1 year as ES alternative)l. I will never have another year quite like this one- we never do. I learned quite a bit and grew in ways that surprised me. This year that was met with trepidation and worry has refined me in a way in which I have a newfound strength and determination to learn and grow in my craft as a leader. Although I will miss this year and the class of 2019 eighth graders "the ones to remember" who are moving on to their next journey, and our Team Robinson members that are leaving I have learned much and am very thankful for the time and lessons learned.

Whenever we say goodbye whether it be to a year, students, staff members it is always tough. But it is also a time for reflecting upon what we gained and accomplished. A time to be thankful for those that were part of our lives during the year and how they impacted and touched us. A time to take what we experienced and build upon it. Every year like a milestone is a gift depending on our outlook. I am the wife, mother, educator, friend, principal, and the person I am is due to the varied experiences and people that have been part of my educational walk. For this, I am very grateful for the gifts each year brings me whether in the way of people, struggles, or situations.

Simply... I continue to be humbled to walk through those green gates and serve the Robinson community....#thisiswhyIdothis


Notes from Damita and Paula

1. Textbook Inventory - Hardcover)

Ms. Spenker will be coming around to your classrooms this week to take an inventory of your textbooks. Please be sure all of your textbooks are accessible for scanning.

2. Class Placements for 2019-20 School Year

Review the document for the process:


3. Students as "cleaning" helpers are fine as long as it is not disrupting to your teaching. Packing is not an instructional strategy and while cleaning their own desk is an executive functioning skill aimed at reinforcing organizational skills, taking on tasks of cleaning the whole room during instructional time is not appropriate.

4. Benchmark books and materials: The office must keep one complete kit in the office because of retakes offered to retained students in August. With that in mind, staff can discard of the Benchmark materials but NOT the books. Benchmark books will need to be marked DISCARD and Erik will pick them up. Please do not place items in the lounge to "give away". Consider taking your items to Goodwill and the such.

5. Due to recently updated district policy regarding keys, employees are expected to turn in their keys to the school office supervisor at the end of their last workday on June 14th. Please know that this will be enforced so please prepare to give Ms. Angela your keys on your last day, Friday, June 14th. Keys will be distributed by Ms. Angela on August, 20th after 8:30.

6. ELA: K-5 Updates and Information from Jandella/OCIPD; please review:


7. Cafeteria

If you are planning any end of year celebrations with your students that will impact lunch service in the cafeteria (students bringing their own lunches on a particular day, mean less students eating = less lunches being served), please make arrangements with Ms. Ana Christina so she can make adjustments to the lunch count on the day of your event. This will help minimize any wasted lunches. Thanks for your cooperation!

8. Furniture Needs/Discards PLEASEEEEEEEE READ!!!!!!

Ms. Angela will place a sheet next to the whiteboard/workroom in the office for wanted/unwanted furniture for your classroom. He will refer to this list to identify any "shuffling' of furniture that is needed. Please do not remove any furniture yourself by placing them in the hallways, library, auditorium, or outside of your classroom. Instead, leave them in your classroom and label them by taping a "discard" sign on the furniture item you want to be removed/discarded. Thanks for your help with this. If you have any questions, please see the custodial crew or me.

9. CONSUMABLE TEXTBOOKS will be delivered to your rooms

2019-20 consumable textbooks will be delivered to your room. Do not put in the hallway or ask any custodial team member to remove these consumables. The consumable text/materials and resources are to be housed in your classroom and used for the upcoming year with students. Also, any consumable that you have used partially this year, send them home with students for summer practice and review - DO NOT FILL the trash cans with these books, send home with students!

JRA is sliding into HOME PLATE

As we steadily move really, really close to the end...CONSISTENCY is KEY... students must have structure and be held accountable to the same learning environment... every day is a learning day.

SBAC is over and we must ensure that as students are walking through those green gates that they are still being provided with rigorous learning each and every day.

1. Daily learning intentions should be a part of every day's lesson. What, Why and How should be communicated to students at the beginning and end of lessons.

2. Chromebooks should not be used as babysitters to keep students busy, use of technology should be purposeful and connect to CLEAR Learning Intentions or formative assessment noticings.

3. Videos/Movies & Movie Clips should not be a part of the learning environment without it connecting to CCSS grade content standards.

4. There are no free days = worksheets/word searches/crossword puzzles etc.. Also, working with partners for the whole period should only take place if it is focused and a part of the daily learning intention.

CHROMEBOOK Refresh Project for G4 CHROMEBOOK CARTS to the CAFE on 6/14

During the summer months the following technology upgrades will take place:

1. All CHROMEBOOKS will be inventoried by district personnel/tech teams during the summer.

2. All Chromebook G4 models will be replaced.

3. On Tuesday, 6/11 - Each Chromebook Cart will be given a decal that denotes the cart number/letter and room number.

4. All Chromebook Carts are to be placed in the CAFE by 12:00 on 6/14

19-20 Payroll Changes....Be in the Know!

Please review video to understand how this change may affect your personal finances


This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.


Big picture

JROB Happenings: Be in the Know!

SBAC Continues...Science section begins

6/10 - Day of Excellence for Kinder 10:30 & 5th Gade 9:00

& 6/11 - Day of Excellence for 1st - 4th, 6th & 7th

6/10 - 8th Grade Disneyland

6/12 - 8th Grade Promotion @ 9:00

6/12 - Staff Meeting - Class Placements in the library all grades

6/13 - Last Day of School - 1:00 Dismissal

6/14 - Staff Meeting @ 8:30 - 10:30 - Bring a treat to share

6/14 - Closing Bulletin Complete, Keys and you receive a $100 Gift Card for Office Deport

Crossing the Line to Greatness in 2019!!

Planning and Reserving our 19-20 Calendar dates...

August 19 - Office staff back on site/Office open to the community

August 22 - Retention Retake Testing Day ( Students are given a specific time slot for a retest)

August 22 - 6th Web Orientation @ 8:00

August 22 - Kinder Orientation @ 9:00

August 22 - 7th * 8th Orientation

August 23
- Staff Retreat: 9:00-1:00, (Camp Fire LB ) #TeamRobinson CHALLENGES..oh yeah!!

August 26 - Staff Data Data and Action Plan Day - 8 hours paid - 8:15 to 3:15

August 27 - Opening Day..8:30staff annual picture (Blue Jeans please), 9ish until 10:30,

& 11:00 Welcome BBQ with families

August 28 - 1st Day with students - Minimum Day @ 1:00

August 28 - Staff Meeting - Online platform - Understandings

August 30 - Paycheck on "new system"

BTSN for 2019/2020 - Minimum Days

September 17 - Elementary & K-8 Schools

Parent Conference Dates - Minimum Days

November 4 - 12

Open House for 2019/2020 - Minimum Days

May 20 - Elementary & K-8 Schools