New School Year Reminders 2019-20

Parkview Primary Learning Center

Welcome to Parkview Primary...

Welcome to Parkview and the start of the 2019-20 school year. For those of you who have been part of the Parkview experience, there are several changes that have taken place to help provide an even better experience for your child and family.

For those of you who are new to our district, we extend a warm and gracious welcome. We are glad that you have chosen Parkview Primary Learning Center to begin or continue your child’s education. We hope you will always find Parkview welcoming and you become involved throughout the school year. Please stop in the office and introduce yourself if you are in the building. If you have questions or comments along the way, please do not hesitate to ask.

School Hours: 7:55 - 3:05

School begins at 7:55 each day and ends at 3:05. We have supervision available beginning at 7:30, so please do not bring learners to school earlier than that. Weather permitting, any learners arriving between 7:30 & 7:45 will either go to the cafeteria to start breakfast OR play outside until 7:45 and then be allowed into the building.

First Day AND First Week of School...

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, any families that did not attend Open House and any 5K families will be able to come into the building at 7:30 and go directly to your child’s classroom to drop off these supplies and meet the teacher.

If you have already dropped off supplies we are asking families to walk through to the Playground and play with your learner(s) until 7:45. Then we invite everyone to come in, go to classes and deliver your learner.

  • If you wish, families may continue to bring their learners to their classroom through the week. Starting on Sept. 16, we ask that the learners get delivered to the Main Door and we will help them from their. This will begin to help them develop their independence.

  • IF there is a need to continue to walk your child to their classroom after Spet. 16, please speak with the office or your child's teacher regarding the situation.

Parkview Drop Off and Pick Up Routines...

ALL families dropping off AND picking up learners may ONLY enter from Oak Street and exit on the Brickyard Lane & Walnut Street. The South Entrance & Parking Lot is ONLY for staff & Busses. Please review the following…

  • Map - AM & PM Routines

  • Videos - Below are two quick videos regarding drop off and pick up of our 4K - 2nd grade students.

**4K & 5K learners (and any older siblings) will be picked up at the Brickyard Lane doors. Parent/Adults picking up these learners will need to park their vehicles and walk to the Brickyard doors and wait for their learners to be brought out by the 4K & 5K teachers.

4K Drop-Off & Pick-Up
PV Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Breakfast at PV...

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 3, learners will be able to pick up breakfast in the cafeteria starting at 7:30. At 7:45, breakfast will be eaten in classrooms. The cost of Breakfast is FREE for those who qualify for free & reduced lunch and $1.40 for all others. If you do NOT want your learner to have breakfast at school in the mornings, please

contact Nikki Williams, our Food Service Director, and she will put a block on your learner’s account and breakfast will no longer be able to be purchased. Nikki can be contacted at 387--7960 ext. 4160 or .

Recess Morning Milk

Milk can be purchased for students grades 4K-3 using the lunch card system. Milk prices are $0.45 per single half-pint container. The cost for recess milk at Parkview is $0.45 per day and will be deducted from the lunch card system. Students who qualify for Free and/or Reduced lunch receive free milk with their lunch but must purchase recess milk separately. Recess milk option is only allowed to learners with a positive account balance. If you do not want your child to have recess milk, please notify your child's teacher and the office.

PV ALL School t-shirts...Learning to Shine!

We are offering the opportunity for ANY of our PV families to order an ALL SCHOOL t-shirt. We wear these t-shirts as an entire school on Assembly day, field trip days, and school spirit days. Our goal is to have ALL of our PV learners with a "Learning to Shine" t-shirt.

We are using the same design as last year, so if you purchased a t-shirt for your learner last year, there is not a need to order this yera.

However IF you would like to purchase an ALL SCHOOL t-shirt, here is an order form as well. Please turn your order in by September 9, 2019, to your learner’s teacher.

For Shuttle Bus Riders & Families...

A couple of things…

  1. If your learner will be using the Shuttle bus from the MS to get to and/or from PV each day, you will need to complete the Shuttle Bus paper work under “Forms” at .

  2. Watch for this sign... PV learners should watch for this shuttle bus sign. This symbol will be hanging in the window of the three buses being used as PV Shuttle buses.

  3. Leaving the MS in the AM...The three shuttle buses will leave for Parkview by 7:35 AM each morning.

  4. Take a look at this MAP & Directions of the MS Traffic Patterns. This is important is you will be picking up your PV learner(s) at the MS. If you have any questions regarding these changes feel free to contact me or Bob Clark, MS Principal or Megan Hanni, MS Associate Principal!

Using Bus Transportation…

Parkview and the Transportation Department have created bus tags for our Bus riders to wear during the first weeks of school until the learners become familiar with where to find their correct school bus(es).

These are handy especially for those learners who need to transition to and from different buses at the MMS in the mornings and evenings. Bus Drivers will be giving these to our youngest learners - 4K, 5K, and new PV learners- a tag when they board the bus on Tuesday. Learners using ONLY the PM transportation will receive their tags from their teachers. Buses will have signs in their windows that will match the symbols on the learner’s bus tag.

Finally, we will have additional Parkview staff at the Middle School both before AND after school to assist with transitioning buses for the first week of school.

Contact us...

As you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Parkview School Office - 920-387-7973 x2001 or the Parkview Principal - Becky Le Bouton - 920-387-7973 x2002.