Flat Connections Live!

Building bridges between islands of excellence

Come to Canada in 2015!

Flat Connections in conjunction with the Red River College in Winnipeg Canada invite you to join us April 30-May 2 for Flat Connections Live! - a conference with a difference.
This event will provide an opportunity for Higher Education, pre-service teachers and K-12 teachers, leaders and administrators to experience connected and collaborative learning while using digital technologies to connect across the world.

Intercultural understanding through the use of technology to connect learners that leads to global competence through global collaboration in an increasingly ‘flat’ world is one of the event's goals. This is not about technology skills, it is about new modes of teaching and learning with the world. We need to design authentic connections, construct collaborations to create products that leave a legacy and amplify the impact of this through connecting learners beyond the classroom walls.

This event is not professional development, it is professional transformation!
Futuristic Theme | Innovative Program | Global Facilitators

Conference Schedule

Thursday April 30: 8am-4pm then 5-7pm Wine and Cheese reception
Friday May 1: 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday May 2: 8:30am-1:00pm


Exciting Conference Format

Flat Connections Live! is process-based. The program is based on DESIGN THINKING and participants will build 'empathy', 'define' challenges, 'ideate' in teams, and build collaborative 'prototype' solutions based on 'feedback' for global sharing. Participants will work in mixed teams on curriculum and leadership objectives to do with flattening learning through the use of emerging technologies and improving outcomes at all levels. This is an event where new meaning and knowledge is constructed through team work, sharing, collaboration and co-creation.

Flat Connections Live! is technology infused
. There is an urgent need to embed digital technologies and collaborative experiences into learning at all levels. The use of Web 2.0, social media and online collaborative tools will support creative and innovative curriculum development and new pedagogical models for global learning.
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Eva Brown

Co-Chair, Flat Connections Live!
Red River College, Winnipeg, Canada

Julie LIndsay

Co-Chair, Flat Connections Live!
Learning Confluence Pty Ltd, Australia
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