Yeast Infection

By: Kathryn Cruden

How you can get a yeast infection

You can get a yeast infection by not wiping yourself when you use the restroom. So please remember to wipe. You will get a itching or irritation in the vaginal area. Burning could occur when you use the restroom also sometimes you can get these same things in the mouth. Your vaginal area could become red with itching.
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Poem about how it can be treated and prevented!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like fresh and clean undergarments

So I am going to change them everyday

Scented toilet paper ain't for me

So get away from me

Clean me good

Or you will get itchy and red

Yeast infection in the mouth ain't for me

Anti-fungal mouth rinse is for me

Pandemic and epidemic

  • Pandemic is a very widespread disease: a disease or condition that is found in a large part of a population.
  • Epidemic is a fast spreading disease: an outbreak of a disease that spreads more quickly and more extensively among a group of people than would normally be expected

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Picture above is a picture of epidemic.