By Aidan Pullyblank

How do they happen?

Earthquakes happen when two tectonic plates collide into each other under the surface of the earth which is called the crust.Fortunately for us the plates don't move as fast. The plates move 6 inches a year(15 centimeters).


Earthquakes happen in many places with inclued North America,South America,Aisa,Eroupe,California and all of the oceans for example the Pacific,Atlantic,and Indian those are the places where earthquakes occure in.

What damage does it cause?

In Alaska in 1964 a magnitude of 9.2 earthquake jarred the earth so strongly it caused boats to sink in Louisiana. There was a gigantic crack in the ground. Also a few destroyed buildings and apartments. The 9.2 damage is on a Richter scale a Richter scale is a scale that measures the destruction of a eathquake for example a 2.5 on a Richter scale doesn't do much distruction but a 9.2 does a lot of damage.

The Richter scale

A Richter scale is a scale that measures the damage of a earthquake. I told you basically everything you need to in the title what damage it did but there is another example of a earthquake the largest ever recorded earthquake happens in Chile on May 24,1960 it was a magnitude of 9.5 wich on the Richter scale is a lot of destruction.

How to reduce the impact on humans?

You have the earthquakes do less damage by staying inside of a building instead of outside because if you are outside in a earthquake then you have a better chance of a building falling on you. Inside of the building you should move to a chair or a table or something to stay safe.
What is an Earthquake? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids


That was my research about how earthquakes form what damage they do what is the Richter scale where they happen and how to reduce the impact on humans I hoped you liked my research about earthquakes.