ePublishing Tools

Digital Publishing Tools for the PK-4 Classroom


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Why digital Publishing?

Technology Application TEKS (TA TEKS)

Graphic created using Wordle: www.wordle.net

The SAMR Model of Educational Technology Integregation

Let's Visit Story Builder!

Storybuilder is an animated site powered by Google that uses your text. You create the characters (up to 10), and then you create the exchanges (up to 10) between each character. Storybuilder does the animation for you. You add music (on the site) and then click to finish.

You must grab the code before you exit or your work will disappear!

Google App: http://docsstorybuilder.appspot.com/

Create your own storybuilder.

Now it's time to play and create! Make your own storybuilder story and share it with others through email, blog, facebook, twitter, or other digital arena...

Do you want to share yours with the group? Post the link in Today's Meet!!


Absolutely AMAZING and free blogging site for students and teachers!!

Free: 50 students, app & web, can use "pen names" for students

Allows students to publish for teachers AND for peers. When kiddos write for peers, the quality of their writing increases!

Teachers can: edit, approve/unapprove/, delete, monitor, track, and keep posts & comments for documentation. Multiple classes CAN interact.

Use the login card I gave you & follow this link: http://kidblog.org/MsJennifersMunchkins/


Let's Publish for Our Peers on KidBlog!

  1. Using the card you received, select your name, enter your password, and login.
  2. Click "New Post"
  3. Enter the Title to Your Post: "Hi, my name is.."
  4. Insert some text into your post to tell us something about yourself. Remember, your classmates and teachers can read this!
  5. Click "Preview" if you want to see your post before you publish it.
  6. Click "Publish."
  7. Click on "All Blogs"
  8. Visit another class-member's post and comment on it. Remember, your classmates and teachers can read this!
Isn't that an amazing tool for peer to peer publishing??

A Few More Web-Based ePublishing Tools for Students in PK-4



An online interactive story builder (safe, educational,, and kid-friendly). In the "Classroom Edition" you have the option to set up & start a class with individual student names and logins. Students are given a "handout" with a "Class ID" that will be used for logging in from from school and from home. As teacher, you have access to student books and can print their books for them.

Kids create their own book that can then either be published for $$, or printed at home/on campus for FREE.

You can limit accessibility to a time frame (hours:minutes) or you can allow access from home so that students can work from home and parents can access to print/purchase.

Can use a simple "StoryStarter" or use their templates to create and illustrate stories. Can be shared online for FREE!!

So many opportunities for student-generated books!!



Definitely for the upper grades (4th +).

FREE!!! Write and publish interactive stories!! Online publishing for kiddos (and adults cuz it's fun).

Haiku Deck


Digital slide show. Allows students to create a simple presentation (for peer to peer publishing).

Create a teacher account (with a gmail account or other account separate from your personal or professional account-just to keep your information secure). Allow kiddos to create slideshows as informational pieces, persuasive writing, or creative work.

Simple interface, can select privacy levels, share via web link, email, facebook, twitter, embed on blogs, etc....

New Feature: iPhone acts as remote control when using Haiku Deck as presentation from the iPad. Glitch: not all features of iPad version are supported on web version. Cannot edit deck on iPhone.

Free on the web & IOS.

Haiku Deck created by the Munchkins:


IOS Apps for Digital Publishing

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