Definition of Copyright

A collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work (book, song, video, software, etc.)

Copyright License

Permission to use copyrighted work (software, music, pictures, or video). There are five different licenses.

Public Domain

Not protected by copyright because it meets one of these requirements

- Expired Copyright

- Work Created by using Public Money

- The Creator donated the work to the Public Domain

Examples: Classic Literature/Music


Copyrighted work that can be used, copied, and sold.

Examples: iTunes, Safari, and Internet Explorer


Work that you can copy, share, use for free, but only for a limited time. If you want full program you have to pay.

Examples: Websites that give free trials, free version of apps

All Rights Reserved

May be used by the purchaser without exceeding the contract agreement

Examples: Movies or Games

Open Source

Software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve it.

Examples: Firefox, Chrome, and Linex