Child Labor in Brick Factories

The Children whom had powers

How the kids work in brick factories and how we can stop it

One of the factories that these kids have to work in is the brick factory and that's what we're talking about in this smore. So kids in brick factory's have to carry clay over to were kids are making bricks. Then some kids will wet the clay to a ball shape then give it to other kids. That will take the ball of wet clay and then put it in something that will make the wet clay become a brick shape. Then they would go on to a burning hot kiln and put the bricks there to dry. They would do that for about 14 hours and try to make about 2,000 bricks. They would get 100 rupees for every 2,000. That is a lot for when you work in a carpet factory. Although the kids have to give almost all of it to there master so they can have a house and food to keep them alive. So it is rough being in a brick factory all day long for almost all of there lives. What we can do to stop it, is to stand up and fight agenset child labor

Child labor

All around the world children are forced to work for very low money to none. These children have to work in factories and in dangerous environments. Kids are forced to work for hours a day, and only one break. These kids only have one food break, so these kids are small. The kids in these factories ether were bought or forced to work, because there parents were in dept. There master torcheres the kids if they're doing bad work or standing up for themselves.


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