Titanic's Surivor: Elsie Doling

By: Yarency Murillo

About Elsie Doling

Elsie was born on a Monday, October 30th, 1893. She has been on the Titanic at the age of 18 years old. Her traveling companions were Ada Doling (Elsie's sister-in-law) and Henry Hodges(friend) who he wasn't able to survive the sinking of the ship.

The Ship

The Titanic was 882 feet long, saying it was almost the length of 4 city blocks. The height of her was as an 11-story building. She had 4 funnels. Each of them can have two trains in them. What had made the ship unsinkable was the 16 compartments that if only of the first 4 compartments were flooded, the Titanic would have still been floating, but instead the crash caused to flood the first 5 compartments then to the next and to the next. Elsie was traveling in the 2nd class that costed €23. Her cabin wasn't bad not so fancy like 1st class but also not so much fancy like 3rd class. The 2nd class were mostly for people that are moderate.

The Disaster

The disaster was caused by the ignorance and of the flooded compartments. It all started on a Sunday morning, on the 4th day of the Titanic's voyage, and on April 14, 1912. The radio operator have been almost been receiving iceberg warnings all day, a few at different times. Around 11:40, the captain and the wireless operators received exactly 7 iceberg warnings in that day. However, they weren't too concerned about it. Captain Smith just told Fred Fleet, up in crow's nest, to keep a sharp watch for ice since they believed that the ship was unsinkable, but they were wrong. Once all that happened, the ship being too late to avoid the crash, the Titanic was not going to be sailing for long. It would have if only the first 4 compartments were flooded, but it just kept filling them all up for the ship to sink.

The Rescue

There was only enough life boats for half the people on the ship which there was 2220 people on board. The boats could fit only 65 passengers, but the crew only put half the number then there should have been like 28 on each life boat. Elsie Doling and her sister-in-law, Ada Doling, and others were rescued by the Carpathia. Only about 700 or more passengers survived. The 2 ladies had tried to send a telegram to there family in New York just to let them know that they were safe but it was failed to be delivered.

Life After The Titanic

Elsie's Life

In November 6, 1920, she married an indian doctor named William St.Alban Hendricks and they had 4 children: John, Gerald St. Alban, Clara, Elizabeth Mary. She seemed to have settled mostly in India than in England. Elsie died on a Friday, March 3rd, 1972.