Ben Jonson

BY: Agrim Sharma


It is unknown when Ben Jonson was born and died, but it was estimated around June 11, 1772 to August 6, 1637. It is believed that he spent most of his life in London, England where he went to school in Westminister School. He was educated by William Camden who introduced him to drama and Ancient Roman play-writes. But he had to leave school early because his step-father had called him to work with him in his job. His father is believed to have died before Jonson was born. His plays were more or less secularist and sometimes even satirical such as Man in His Humour, The Isle of Dogs, and Sejanus. His patronage was mostly from royal authority and the court while he sometimes had trouble with the church. He was also believed to have been believed violent but good at making friends. Most of his private life knowledge comes from a Scottish play-write named, William Drummound.

His Work

His famous play, Every Man in His Humour, is a comedy made for laughs. Unlike Shakespeare's puns, Jonson had more of a quick laugh approach to the play. This made the play seem to go by faster. It is unknown when this play was written, but historians believe it was in the month of September and the year was 1598. Being the renaissance man he was, he also had the idea of secularism because there was very very little religion included in this play. Also there were no new techniques used in this piece.In this play, I was surprised that Shakespeare himself acted in his play because I feel like another play-write would not like to act in another's. Today, you can find this play on amazon, books at libraries, and websites. One website is down below. What I find most interesting is that how unknown Jonson is. He perhaps almost or as smart as Shakespeare yet no one really seems to know him. Personally, I prefer Jonson's plays to Shakespeare's.

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