Pre-K Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: January, 2016


Students will visit the library each week for story time and to select books. Students will hear stories about winter and friendship. Some titles we will be reading are Rocky The Cat Who Barks, Bear Snores On, Millions of Cats, and Ribbit.


The pre-k students will continue to sing our letter songs. We will be practicing our steady beat through the use of various poems, songs, dances and classroom instruments. We will also be using the parachute! Our composer of the month is American composer John Williams.


Our games and activities will continue to focus on physical fitness and skill development. The class will continue to talk about basketball and this month we will learn about shooting. We will be using size appropriate balls and baskets so students will be able to focus on the proper techniques of shooting a basketball. We will also play large group games like Pilo Polo and Flag Grab. We will also begin to use jump ropes and work on very basic jumping skills as we prepare for our fifth annual Jump Rope for Heart event in February.


!Feliz año nuevo! (Happy New Year). Pre-k students will learn the names of shapes in Spanish this month. This is a great way to recycle color words, numbers and the terms for “big” and “small” as well. We have started adding questions about the weather to our classroom routine and we will continue practicing those phrases. Right after shapes, Pre-k students will begin to learn the names for clothing items in Spanish. We are constantly working with questions in Spanish such as: What is this? What are they? How many are there? What color are they?, etc. With clothing we will add: What are you wearing? What is he/she wearing?, and other appropriate phrases. The class will continue to recycle and review answering basic questions such as: What is your name? and How are you?