Texas State

By: Alisha Fuss

Requirements to Attend Texas State

You must graduate on the recomended or distinguished plan to attend a 4 year public institue in the state of Texas.

To attend Texas State you must make a 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT. On the ACT yu must make an 18 on Engish, 21 on Reading, 22 on Math, and a 24 on the Science tests.

College Fees

The anual cost for one year of tuition is $16,342.

The anual cost for one year of fees is $2,090.

For books and supplies the cost is around $1,090.

On-campus housing costs an average of $7,520.

To Contact

Admissions Office- E-mail:admissions@txstate.edu

Scholarship Office- Phone: 512-2452315 Fax: 512-245-7920

Housing Office- Email:reslife@txstate.edu Phone:512-245-HOME Fax: 512-245-7619

Adress: 515 N. Comanche (physical) or 601 University Dr. (mailing)

Need Scholarships?


To sign up for financial aid you must fill out the FAFSA application atwww.fafsa.ed.gov, and you muct meet the certain criteria listed:

-Have a financial need.

-Have a high diploma.

-Be a U.S. citizen.

-Have a valid social security numer.

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