VCR Lesson 6 Presentations

By Ann Hu

Guess the word!

When Max ran for student body president, he _____________ that he would be the best president that the school has ever had.
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ad (L.)
tr.v. To affirm; to decline or attest to positively or dogmatically
-to say (something) in a very strong and definite way
-to verify or prove to be true in pleading a cause

averment n.






This word comes from the medieval Latin word, "adverare", which means "to confirm as authentic".

A good way to remember this word...

think of "aver" as two separate things "a" and "ver". It almost looks like "a" and "very". So whenever you think of this word you can look at it as "a very_______" because whenever "very" is used than that usually implies a very strong feeling.
For example,
A very true statement
A very positive thing

Or when you see this word you can think of "aver(ify)".


Choose the letter that corresponds with the sentence that uses the word incorrectly.
A) Linda averred Mrs. Smith that she was a very good babysitter and that she was responsible.
B) In court, the suspect gave in an averment saying he was innocent, for he believes that he did not commit any crime.
C) Noticing the tree that had fallen on the street, Melissa tried to aver the tree by walking around it.
D) To appease labor unions, some industrialists averred them that they were going to change the working conditions and shorten the work days.

The answer is: C