My Friends pushed me to do football this year. It was one of the best experiences in my life. At first I was a bit tentative about playing. That being my first time playing real football on a team. But it turns out I was actually good after the first game. The first game was verses Fond du Lac which is like a team of full grown men. But after that I knew I can't be afraid to get hurt. Then I started to progressively get better over time.


In choir I did my first solo in many years and I did great. I have done solos in past years I have done solos but this one was my favorite of all because I had to compete with my friends. It took a lot of convincing but and nerves to do it but I managed to do it in the end.


I had the best time in this science class. It was the first time I ever have done real experiments. And I love earth science. I loved the rock testing we did. I also think my teacher Mr. Meyer is a next level teacher. He lulls his students into a sense of uncertainty. And it makes us work harder. He uses mind games to keep us on our toes.

Web 2.0

This is a computer class that is an elective I took. Web 2.0 is the class I'm doing this for. What I like about this class is that I can just work alone on little projects that I put on me website. It is one of my favorite classes because I get to listen to music the whole time and work at the same time.


Brigade is a place that I went to every year of middle school. Brigade is a place where you learn things like discipline and self respect. At Brigade I did archery, gun safety, rifley and rock wall climbing. Brigade also has a camp I go to every year.