My Mount Rushmore

My Favorite People

The Real Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial was designed by Gutzon Borglum. It is near Keystone, SD. It has the faces of four former presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It was finished in 1941. If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of the following people, who are important to me, carved in granite: my mom, my dad, Tatum, and Natalia.

My Mom

The first person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore would be my mom, Becky Shafer. She taught me important things like knowing right from wrong. She helps me with my homework. She buys me clothes.

My Dad

My dad, Jeffery Shafer would be the second person I would put on my Mount Rushmore. He teaches me things that I need to know. For instance he taught me to use a hammer. He also taught me to tell the truth. He gives me important things, such as food. He gave me a bedroom to sleep in.

Natalia Dick

The third person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore would be Natalia Dick. She is a good friend. Natalia is funny and has great hair. She looks stylish in comfy clothes. She has a great sense of choosing the colors of her clothes.

Tatum Rasmussen

Tatum Rasmussen would be the final person I would put on my Mount Rushmore. Tatum is very pretty. Her eyes sparkle and she has a cute monkey face. She is very clever. Tatum is very good at talking people out of things.


In conclusion, you have read about the four people I would put on my Mount Rushmore: my mom, Becky; my dad, Jeffery; and two of my best friends Tatum and Natalia. Maybe people will visit my Mount Rushmore like they do in South Dakota.