My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I got a new start."

A Change in my Life

Before I have experienced middle school, I was the girl who hide in the shadow. I would never raise my hand in class and would refuse to meet new people. Stepping into middle school changed the way I felt about things. I went from a shy girl trying to fit in to one who takes a chance in life. I made new friends and became more socially active. I took risks that I would never even thought of before. I began to except who I was and started to make the best in life. Middle school has changed me and I can't thank it enough.

Volleyball has been a great impacted in my life. It taught me aggressiveness and teamwork as well as many more life skills that I will carry forever.

My friends and family have helped me through this year and stayed with me through thick and thin.

"Top of the Class" - Carmel Valley Middle School San Diego

Carmel Valley Middle School has been a great experience and I owe a thanks to all the teachers and students that made it happen.

An End to a New Beginning

I've have an amazing year that I will not forget. Playing volleyball, making new friends, going to CVMS has impacted my life in so many directions. I learned sportsmanship in volleyball, always being there for my friends and family, and to step up from the crowd from CVMS.