Anne Frank

Anne franks bio

Anne is a twelve-year-old girl who went into hiding to escape from the Natzis. Anne is talkative. She talked so much that she got called Ms. Quack Quack. She wants to be a writer. She has a journal, she calls kitty that she writes in every day. She also has a joyful personality. She dances around waiting to get out. She is full of hope. She always talks about getting free then going to France. She has a crush on a guy who is hiding in the same place, and develops a relationship with Peter. She learns how to be obedient and grows as a young woman during this time.

Never lose hope in the toughest of times.

I chose never lose hope in the toughest times because. Anne talks about her future a lot. She wants to become a writer and move to Paris. Also everyone talks about making it out alive of hiding. They were being optimistic when they were living in hiding. “You will see your cat someday Anne.” (378) They never lose hope even though it’s one of their toughest times.

Friendship can be a powerful thing.

I chose friendship can be a powerful thing as a theme because. Miep will risk her live to help the Franks, Van Danns, and Dussel. She gets them food while they are in hiding the Nazis. Mr. Frank is helping out the other families with a place to hide for around two years. On the other side they do fight about food. It evens drives Mrs. Frank to want to kick the Van Danns out of hiding.