Human Genmore project


What is the human Gnome Project

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international scientific researchproject with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of thehuman genome from both a physical and functional standpoint.[1] It remains the world's largest collaborative biological project

When did this project start

In February 2001, the Human Genome Project published its results to that date: a 90 percent complete sequence of all three billion base pairs in the human genome. The HGP consortium published its data in the February 15, 2001, issue of the journal Nature.

Pros of the Human Genome Project

Huge Financial Consequence

t can turn into a massive business or industry so to speak. The healthcare industry worldwide, including all facets, is the largest in terms of value or money spent. Pharmaceutical giants are among the richest organizations in the world. If the human genome project succeeds and there are some serious positive outcomes as in implications that can be manifested or used in reality then the project can create a new industry, dozens of companies and can make way for innumerable jobs. Till date, the project has already employed about four million people.

2. Improved Studying of Medicines

The human genome project has some very serious advantages. If it succeeds and if scientists are able to use their studies in medicines, in altering genes or even bettering medical procedures based on the study of a person’s genes, then incurable diseases can become curable, medicines can become more effective, medical care can become customized based on a person’s genes and it is quite possible that some of the difficult questions that the scientific community faces will be answered. With the success of the human genome project, the average human lifespan can be increased, people with diseases like cancer can be cured and such ailments can be prevented. Many severe medical conditions can become extinct if the human gene is altered and thus programmed to resist the various common and uncommon diseases.