by Dylan, Austin, Chris, Dylan

What is Overfishing

Overfishing is taking marine life at rates to high to replace themselves

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Negative effects

Will drive marine species to exctinction. Leading to the loss of marine life will effect other species ability to live

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the main regions affected by overfishing

The nearest to North Americaare in the gulf of Mexico, gulf of Maine, and Gig harbor

what wildlife is affected by overfishing ?

Many different types of marine lifesuch as Salmon, seabass, tuna, shrimp, and much more

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how are the wildlife affected

It catches fish in large ammounts and not allowing the species to reproduce.

Wich affects the size of the pop

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does this issue affect our lives in league city ? and are people affected by this

Yes because it is in the gulf of Mexico anf due to overfishing eventually we won't have salt water fish in restraunts and can affect those who eat seafood

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what causes this issue ?

Fishermen use large nets big enough to hold a Boeing airplane.

Lots of fishermen use the nets which cause a decrease in the population of fish

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what are the solutions to overfishing ?

Solutions to overfishing are catch limits, control on bycatch,monitoring fish caught, and one we madeup are selves not use nets the size of airplanes.