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Distribution and Channel Management

Experience shows that while Area Sales Managers have the product and technical expertise, they fall very short of "scientific distribution and channel management skills" to strategize, plan, engage and scale up channel partners to drive sales growth profitably.

To address this key challenge, Alpha Consulting Group has launched a specialized "Distribution and Channel Management Certification" training program aimed at Area Sales and Channel Sales managers at large corporates to impart them much needed skills for successfully recruiting, growing and managing channel partners in a highly professional and successful manner for enhanced market reach and drive sales growth

Our Delighted Clients

Course Outline

Program Curriculum

  • Area / Channel Sales Manager - Role & Importance
  • Key Expectations
  • Product Mastery (Current and New)
  • Branding and Field Strategy
  • Pricing and Distributor Policy management
  • Deliver results through effective communication
  • Handling Objections with professionalism
  • Channel Relations management
  • Managing Stress
  • Do's and Dont's
  • Summary and Feedback

Value Proposition

Key Focus

  • Drive Sales Conversion
  • Enhance Brand Image
  • Improve Channel Partner retention

Program Uniqueness

  • English + Local Language (Vernacular) based Training (in 8 Languages)
  • Ultra Interactive workshop delivery mode for impactful learning