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Distance Learning System’s Helpful Guidelines

Distance Learning System provides the several ways, where student can study without regularly comes to the institute. Number of University supports to the Distance Learning System education and huge number of the student take their degree from such universities. But in the world no one things is say 100% pure or true. All things have some violence.

Same case with Distance Learning System. Where one side it is beneficial and other side its damaging education system. There try to discuss on Pros and Cons of Distance Learning System.

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Pros of DLS

From the economically point of view, such system gives profit. Because you can does it from your desire place. Suppose a person is currently an employ and looking for higher study. But he can’t able to leave current job due to family weak economically condition. In such case that person can take distance learning education. By it, he is not face to leave job problem and also able do higher study.

Above paragraph is related to economically. But this section related to time cost. Distance Learning System gives freedom. By this freedom we can do study and job simultaneously.

So in this way you can minimize time cost.

Cons of DLS

Of course, Distance Learning System is helpful for the students but still it have some negative aspect.

Students are not able to get physical class environment. Physical class environment give better study environment. But in the distance learning system, not give such types of facilities.

Distance leaning system is not for those student; they are not able to self study, because in distance learning system major part depends on self study.

Top Distance Learning Education provider Universities:

Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Sikkim Manipal University.

University of Mumbai.

Annamalai University

Dr Babasaheb Ambedker Open University.

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