Health Care

Should all Americans have the right to basic healthcare?

Two candidates, one issue, two perspectives. Healthcare is an important issue for Americans where changes can dramatically affect people and families. Both candidates believe that their approach and ideas for healthcare is the right choice for America. The following is a website review of the positions of President Barack Obama and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Barack Obama describes three main topics for his healthcare plan: 1) ending insurance company abuse, 2) strengthening Medicare and 3) putting women in control of their health. The website states that “The Affordable Care Act” will hold insurance companies accountable if they were to drop coverage if a person gets sick. For Medicare, President Obama says he will lower prescription costs and monthly premiums and will offer free preventative services for individuals. The website goes on to state that President Obama’s plan will stop insurance companies from charging women more money than men for the same coverage.

The website for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney also states three main points for his healthcare plan: 1) Restore State Leadership and Flexibility, 2) Promote Free Markets and Fair Competition, and 3) Empower Consumer Choice. Within the three areas, Mitt Romney lists several reasons supporting his position. Romney’s plan will give states the power to make their own health care plans with incentives and flexibility. The website describes that with Mitt Romney’s plan, insurance companies will have to compete for patients, which will lower insurance premiums and improve services. Mitt Romney also believes that patients should be in charge of their own healthcare decisions. The website states that with “consumer choice”, quality of services will improve, costs will lower and people will get to decide what services they want.

Healthcare is only one of many issues that our country needs to face. Both Candidates have a plan for Healthcare in America. Both Candidates believe that their position is the best choice for America. In November, Americans need to decide which candidate is best for America.