By:Elise Seery

Basic Information

Japan is an island off the coast of eastern Asia. It's population is 126,919,659. Did you know that Tokyo Japans capital has 13 million people living there? That's more then our capital that has 658,893. constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. The head of state in Japan is Emperor Akihito. The head of government is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In Japan they speak Japanese and they write in Kanji.


In Japan they dress in popular western countries clothes. In business men usually ware suits and girls usually ware pantsuits blazers with skirts and stockings, because showing bear skin isn't acceptable. For certain events it's necessary to ware the proper clothes. In Japan they have a lot of holidays and festivals. A popular holiday is New Years, during New Years people take off from work. Family's visit each other and graves of family members. Children receive money from family members. During New Years people send each other New years cards, the post office will keep the cards there till New Years then will send them out on that day. A popular festival in Japan is the Obon Festival. The Obon Festival takes place mid August. It is thought that dead ancestors come back then. Families gather around the graves of there loved. They will clean the grave of there family and they will also offer food and drinks to them.


In Japan there diet mainly has fruit, vegetables, seafood, rice, small amounts of meat, and some western foods(its really popular among the younger people). Some popular foods are sushi, miso soup, ramen egg noodles, pork, curry rice, and tufo. They do use chopsticks in Japan, but they do use western utensils to. A few things considered rude is to eat and walk and to make slurping sounds while eating soup. The main meal is later in the evening so both parents are back from work.
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Boys and girls education is equal in Japan. They have three years of daycare. They start kindergarten at six. They have six years of primary school. Then at twelve they go to secondary school for three years. At fifteen there parents have to pay to continue there studies in high school. In high school it's very competitive, it's very important to get into a good university. If you graduate from a good university your pretty much guaranteed a job.


Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. The most popular sports player is a baseball player his name is Ichiro Suzuki, he's an outfielder. He's played for the New York Yankees and Seattle Marines. A few other sports that are popular is soccer, basketball, and martial arts. Some professional leagues are baseball, basketball, Martial Arts, and soccer.

The Arts

Anime, Manga, and Haiku(Poetry developed in the seventeenth century) are popular forms of literature in Japan. Pop music is very popular especially with the younger people. Gagaku is very popular among older people. It's very old type of music with string, wind, and drum instruments. For plays and theater people enjoy modern ballets and plays. Older people like puppet shows. People, also like kabuki for it's extravagant costumes and sets.


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