Political parties

Anit-Federalists vs. Federalists


The federalists believed there should be a strong Federal government and state governments should have less power. This would allow for The government to bring all the states together and have a national army not a militia in every state that could not come to work together.
Why you should be a Federalist. If you were an anti-Federalist you wanted a strong state government this would make a weak Federal government. If there was a weak federal government this would allow for other countries to invade you. Why? Because you cannot have a strong national army. Every state would have there own army and the many armies would not work together.


The Anti-Federalists believed there should be a strong state government and federal government should have less power. This would let no big strong government to power over you and set strong taxes to the people.
Why you should be a Anti-Federalist. If you were a Federalist you wanted a strong Federal government. I there was a strong Federal goverment it could do anything it wanted. To amking strange unlawful laws that took away your rights, or force to follow customs of there country that you have no say in.