Vaccinations Should be Required

Summary of the Topic

Vaccines have become a growing concern among parents. Some people fear that giving their children vaccines will make them sick. While others believe not having the vaccines are the cause of growing sicknesses, such as measles or flu.

The Reasons for Vaccines:

  • All 50 states already require vaccines for children entering public schools. This means if the government has already required vaccines, it is a good idea to follow them.
  • Not receiving vaccines could cause a resurgence of dangerous diseases or illnesses.
  • "Thousands of children die each year from Measles" (Rowlands).
  • It seems unfair for a perhaps uninformed parent to make a life changing decision for their child.
  • Parents are always warned by well educated doctors about what can happen to those who aren't vaccinated. Most doctors spend up to 12 years learning what is best for a child, however most parents spend maybe a few years at most learning about their child.
  • Kids without vaccines have a larger chance of dying from a vaccinated disease than those who are vaccinated.

Counter Claims

  • Some believe vaccines could cause autism, however this idea now has been disproved.
  • Vaccines could be expensive for some, however most can afford them because they are paid for by all insurance companies.
  • Each child belongs to their parents, so the parent should have the right to decide what will happen to their child, however they cannot endanger their child. Not allowing a child to receive a vaccine is endangering them.

Summary of Reasons to be Vaccinated

I believe children should be vaccinated. I think this because if a child isn't vaccinated they are able to catch harmful diseases. It can also cause resurgence of past diseases. Lastly well informed doctors believe in vaccines.





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