land description- It is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mozambique channel.

Transportation- It is hard to rent a car and very expensive. People get around in buses and moped and motorcycles.

military- In the army they have only 12,500 people. In the navy 500 people and in the air force they have 500 strong soldiers.

population- They have 22 million people in guest one island.

Animals- About 75% of the animals live nowhere else.

music- They like to do a lot of tradition dances and music.

religions- The religions in Madagascar are traditional Christian, and Islamic. 52% of Madagascar's religion is traditional.

popular Activities- They play a lot of the same sports like we do like football,soccer, and boxing. And even more entertaining stuff.

Education- They have cycles.

Languages- They speak Arabic ,Morisyen, chinese ,French ,plateau, and Malagasy.

Homes- They have wooden straw houses.

foods- They have a lot of sea foods and fruits.

Traditional dance from Akany Avoko orphanage, Madagascar
I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD
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