Fleming Flyer 10/9/2020

Upcoming Dates

Friday, October 9th: No School. Teacher planning day

Monday, October 12th: Indigenous People Day (No School)

Wednesday, October 14th: Pajama Day!

Wednesday, October 14th: PTO Meeting

November 23rd-26th: Thanksgiving Break


Students have been working very hard on being safe, kind, respectful and responsible. As a school we have hit our new PBIS goal of earning 15 eggs for doing those things. By reaching our goal the school has earned a celebration! The celebration they earned is Pajama day! That's right, students and staff will get to wear their pajamas to school for the day! We plan on celebrating this day this coming Wednesday! Please help remind your child in the morning so they can take part in this fun event!

Just a reminder, students may not bring Stuffed animals, or pillows/blankets to school.

Weather Reminder

Just a reminder that students will be spending time outside as much as possible. Please make sure your child has the gear to be ready for the weather that day. Even if it's raining, they will go outside, so please, send them to school with gear ready to be outside!

Principal's Message

Happy Friday!

We had a great first few days with all of our students back! The Fleming faculty and staff, and all the students did a great job of rebuilding their classroom communities with all students back in classes together. With all students back, we also realized that our dismissal time is a lot busier. We are constantly evaluating our dismissal procedure so that we can make changes if needed. There are a lot of factors to consider with a staggered dismissal including maintaining physical distancing, avoiding large groups, Fleming students walking to pick up siblings from Summit, the traffic pattern, and blocking the intersection. We will notify you all of any changes we make to our current procedures.

If your child is a walker or bike rider AND they will regularly be picking up a younger sibling at Summit, please email Jill Aldrich ( jialdrich@ewsd.org) or me (mroy@ewsd.org) so that we can consider this information while looking to improve our dismissal process.

Lastly, I want to thank the entire Fleming community including students, families and our incredible faculty and staff for an awesome first month of school. I am thrilled to be a part of Fleming School and the EWSD community! I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy some extra time with family and friends.

Take care,

- Matt

PTO Meeting

The PTO will be holding a meeting for this coming Wednesday. All are invited to attend.


Topic: Fleming PTO Meeting

Time: Oct 14, 2020 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 810 3265 4225

Passcode: 0000


The PTO have created the opportunity for all Fleming families to share their contact information, if they choose to do so. Using Sign Up Genius you can find your child's teacher in the list and add your child's name and your contact information. This may be a great resource if you are looking to set up remote day study buddies, time for the kids to hang out or birthday gatherings and other activities. Please find the link below: https://tinyurl.com/flemingdirectory (pwd: ewsd-tf). Please let the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) know if you have any questions at flemingpto@ewsd.org.

Visitors in School

Just a reminder that we are still closed to having outside visitors here at school. That means we can not currently have parents enter the building. If you need to sign your student out early, for an appointment, or if they are coming in late, parents should still not enter the building. Please call the front office ahead of time at 802-878-1381. Ms. Aldrich from the office, will come to the front door with a clipboard for you to sign your child out.

If you need to see the nurse for any reason, such as dropping off medication, please call the Health Office at 857-7789, she will arrange a time to meet you outside, in front of the building.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the new norm for this school year. We can't wait for the time that it's ok for parents to come back in and volunteer at school, and connect in person!

A Note from Ms. McClintock

For the Past 7 years Fleming School has raised money as a community for a special friend named Elisha who lives in Tanzania. Elisha is one of the students who Ms. McClintock works with in her travels to Tanzania in the summer. The school she works with provides an education for orphans and street kids. The program that is run works hard to find support for every child that is a part of the program, and lucky Fleming- we have been working hard to support Elisha. As a school we are looking to raise $600.00 for him. This will cover his education for a year, food for a year, his school uniform, and a doctors appointment. He has grown to be a very special part of the Fleming community, and this year once again we are hoping to hit our mark in supporting him. Students in their first health class will be learning more about Elisha, and the school Ms McClintock works with. It is such a fun global connection we have been able to make.

Operation Warm

Thanks to the generosity of the Essex Rotary Club, and the logistical support of the Fleming PTO group I am able to introduce you to Operation Warm! Operation Warm is a program put together by the Essex Rotary Club that seeks to provide new winter coats to families in need. If you need a winter coat for your child(ren) and are unable to afford one, please see the information below and contact our school counselor, Coori Sellers at csellers@ewsd.org to sign up for a coat. We will connect with the Rotary Club and will work with the PTO group to get coats to families that have signed up for them. Please include your name, the name of your student(s), and the sizes of the coats you need in your email to Ms. Sellers.

Thanks again to the Essex Rotary Club and the Fleming PTO for supporting our students!

Coat Sizing Guide Link