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Mark Your Calendar

September 26 - EARLY RELEASE DAY

October 3 - Field Day

October 9 - FIELD TRIP (tentative)

October 9 - End of first Quarter


What are we learning this week?

Phonics: ending consonant -ge and -dge

Reading: We will be comparing and contrasting life cycles as well as fictional stories.

Writing: We will begin writing out informational book on the Butterfly lifecycle.

Math: With the lower test scores of Topic 3 we will review some of our strategies and retake the topic test on Wednesday. Then, we will begin Topic 4 which will help us to better understand equal groups.

Vocabulary: larva, compare, and pupa

Phonics List

smudge, judge, page, wage, cage, judge, badge, plunge, nudge, fudge, ridge, lodge, sponge, sage, change, wedge

These words all create the /j/ sound since the letter j is never left alone at the end of the word. When the word ends in -dge the vowel sound will be short and words ending in -ge will have a long vowel sound.

Happy Birthday!

Lily - September 21

Leader of the Week:


Building our Bridges.

It took us a couple of tries but we were able to complete our bridges and create an explanatory text to show our steps. We worked on using transition words and revising our writing to make sure all of our steps were correct. As a class we really enjoyed creating these bridges!

Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • I wanted to take a quick second and thank you all for your participation with the friday notebooks! I know the kiddos really like to share with you what they learned and receiving mail from you as well.
  • Just to give you a heads up. Conference times have changed this year and will not be until November 24 and 25. We do not have your times locked in yet and will get more information out to you when the time gets closer.
  • We are planning a trip to the Zoo on October 9. This is still tentative but if you would like to chaperone a group of our sweet kiddos please send me a quick e-mail and I will send home the forms for you to fill out once everything is put into place.
  • Please make sure your child is completing their book reports for first quarter. Once you have some of them finished you may send them in. These book reports will help them earn their Reading Circle Certificate at the end of the year.