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Author visits - the lowdown.

The Library has two Authors visiting soon and to avoid disappointment below are the details of the visits and how you can make the most of them.

1. Wednesday 26th September 2018 - Andy Griffiths ( Years 3-6 only)

Andy Griffith will run a large afternoon workshop and then be available for a short book signing. With the short notice and the visit coming straight after the long weekend, we will not be ordering books in advance. Children can bring ONE of their own copies of Andy Griffiths book. Many children already have copies of the Storey Treehouse series. They are also widely available in most Hong Kong bookshops.

Here is a link to his webpage if you want more details about his work.

2. Thursday 11th October 2018 - David Schwartz (ALL YEARS)

Throughout the day David will see all the students at Peak school. A book order form is attached - please note that the deadline for ordering books is Friday 21st September, and we will not be able to take book orders beyond that date. More information about David Schwartz can be found here Details of the order form were included in the email you received last week from the library.

There is also a special treat for Year 1 & 2 Parents who are invited to join a special assembly.


Years 1 & 2 ASSEMBLY (Hall)

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere! For Children and their Parents. David shows how numbers enrich us in many areas of everyday family life. He treats families to delightful storytelling, and talks about the connection between stories and numbers. In a grand finale, he provides a dramatic visual encore to the featured assembly that students have seen during the school day. Children (and parents) will long remember the difference between a million, a billion and a trillion.


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We've moved the magazines in the Library to just by the ILE room - so you can see them more easily and not have to crawl on your hands and knees to get to them. We subscribe to a great range of magazines and you can borrow them as you would a book, except for the most recent edition.

Book Donations

Thank you for your continued support in donating books for birthdays and also those books no longer being read. We appreciate being able to share the books with all the readers in the library. Keep them coming!