China is so awsome and cool

Facts about China.


The sports they play in China are table tennis, basketball, soccer, chess, diving and gymnastics.


In China they eat sweet and sour chicken, oranges, noodles and sweet potatoes.


In China they celebrate Christmas Eve, Spring Festival ,Festival Blue Dragon, Festival Shangsi, Tom Sweeping Day, Tom Sweeping Festival, Clear and Bright Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival.


In China they speak Mandarin, Cantons, Taiwanese, Etc.

How to say hello and goodbye

In China they say hello by saying Ny hao. In China they say goodbye by saying zaijidn.

Other interesting words

Some interesting words in Chinese are Qing and heping.


There country is China.


Their capital is Afghanistan.

3 Interesting facts

China is officially known as the peoples republic of China.

China has pandas in their country.

The summit of MT everest marks the border between china and epal.