Tips for a good CV

Abbie Mawson, Amber Story.

Choosing the right career.

To make sure you have chosen the right career for you, you should think about your personal qualities and whether these qualities suit the career you would like. You should also make sure you have the correct skills and qualifications for the career you would like. Also make sure you like the work involved in this career.

Writing an application letter.

It should be clearly structured to cover what you’re applying for -1) the job title and where you saw the advert why you’re applying to them,2) why the job interests you and why you want to work for that organisation 3) why you are suitable - emphasise your relevant skills, experience and personal qualities by elaborating on the information in your CV or application form. 4) Make sure you match your skills to the person specification, and use the same key words where possible.5) If you have a disability or a criminal record, you may want to use your covering letter to disclose this to an employer.

How to present yourself for the interview