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Divergent By Verronica Roth

For me,this is it... the best book I ever have read, all-time. I agree; Veronica Roth has it all. Electrifying decision, heartbreaking betrayed, consequences, full of suprices , and unexpected romance.
Tris view of what she should do , what is better for her, choosing between her result and her family catch my attention at the biginning. But the issues of her aptitude test kept me reading to the end of the series. Will they ever know Tris dosent belong there? What would happen if they found out , what would they do to her ? And what would Tobias do to safe her life.
At the end , I felt I was leaving behind a part of me. The Divergent series was for me something I have never done grabbed a book and start reading, I always taught reading was not for me I rather perfer sitting down and watch the movie instead. But Divergent prove me wrong.
DIVERGENT - Final Theatrical Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014