The History of Croydon

by Ivan.M Rhodes.B

Who were the orginal inhabitants and how did they live?

They were the Wangal people who were in the Dharug tribe. They lived their lives by:

- materals









They first got wood and they got some of their hair or string from the bark and made tools.Then they started to get alot of wood and branches to make a little hut.The tools they had were used to kill animals.Also they got wood and made music,instament,eg didgeridoo,clapping stick.Moreover,they always moved places becuase once they used all there things in there area they moved and it always repeats.Fact.They left the tools for other Aboriginal tribes.


They lived there lives by.












They firist got the bricks from Enland and started to build houses.Then they started to make a farm with some of there fensese and in the farm there are animals eg ,pigs,cows,

chickens,sheep and other more.They brought there guns because maybe the animals could attact them.More over they got tools so they can dig out the dirt and put some sament in the hole.They also brought seeds so they can breed the animals.

First Fleet Landing 1788.

One of the mayor events

One of the mayor events was when the First Fleet arrived.This ment our country could expand it's population so people could live ina happy community.Another mayor event was when the station was established.This ment people can get to other places faster.When it was finished it was a big event because it was the first station built in Croydon.Another mayor event is when Croydon Public school established.This ment children could learn and our suburb could expand.More people could settle in and make friends.Another mayor event was when the last brick work established.This is good and bad.
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What is Croydon Today

Croydon today is multiculture.In 20

11 the popultion was 10,381,Croydon is a quiet and peaceful place.