NCVPS Professional Learning

April 3, 2016

1st Learning Conversation - This Week

For the Fair Use Module, there are 2 separate required Learning Conversations (LC).

The First LC is scheduled for this week. You can attend one of the following meetings:

  • Monday, April 4 at 2 PM
  • Monday, April 4 at 8 PM
  • Tuesday, April 5 at 8 PM

In this LC, we will focus on the video from the Fair Use: A Case Study. Be sure to watch the video prior to the LC and make sure that you have reviewed the questions associated with this video. We will use these questions to open up the LC and then conclude with a broader discussion of Fair Use.

The LCs will be hosted in Blackboard Collaborate. To access the LC, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Copyright PL course.
  2. Click on Blackboard Collaborate in the menu on the far left side.
  3. Choose the Learning Conversation - Fair Use: A Case Study.

As a reminder, you will need to allot 5-10 minutes prior to the meeting's start time to log into BB Collaborate. Be sure to set up your microphone and speakers appropriately.

The Guest Link for accessing the LC is

If you need to use a telephone for the conference, Participant Dial In

571-392-7703 PIN 39 340 483 576. As a reminder, please keep your phone on mute except when speaking.

After each learning conversation, there will be a link provided to a google form to verify attendance.

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2nd Learning Conversation

The second and final learning conversation for the Fair Use Module will occur on the following dates:

  • Monday, April 11 at 8 PM
  • Tuesday, April 12 at 8 PM

More information about this LC will be provided in next week's announcement. This LC will focus on Fair Use Scenarios.

Take 5 Introduces Canva

Canva is an web based application that allows users to create high quality graphics and other designs. It can be very useful for instructors who want to hand-tailor their own graphics to their courses. By creating their own graphics, instructors can alleviate concerns over potential copyright issues. One of the best parts of Canva is that the majority of it is free for use.

In this week's Take 5 episode, Canva Guru, Lydia Richmond, demonstrates how to use the tool. Check it out as a great way to create high quality graphics that meet your particular learning goals. This installment can be accessed in a variety of ways listed below. The direct YouTube link is posted below.

Take 5:

CEUs Offered for Copyright PL

At the conclusion of this PL course, you will have the opportunity to complete two surveys. These surveys will be used to improve the quality of the PL experience as well as generate certificates of completion. As long as you complete both surveys, NCVPS will issue a certificate of completion with contact hours for you to present to either your LEA (if you are currently teaching face to face) or submit to another organization such as DPI for your license renewal. We will provide more information about this process as we move toward the conclusion of the course.