Stop Water Pollution

water pollution is the polluting of any body of water by putting things in it that should not go into it! with these effects eventually, we will have no clean water to drink, bathe in, or swim in!!

regular pollution also contributes to this. whenever it rains or snows and it melts, the water running into the lakes and oceans pick up the dirt and bring it to the water. water pollution is one of the biggest health risks in the U.S.
water pollution can cause problems such as Vomiting or diarrhea, a sick stomach, skin rashes, cancer (Some kinds of cancer, like leukemia, can happen after drinking bad water for a long period of time), reproductive problems (Some kinds of reproductive problems, like infertility, can happen after drinking polluted water for a long period of time, developmental problems (Some kinds of learning disabilities can happen after drinking dirty water for a long period of time)!
you can prevent water pollution by not polluting the earth, not throwing litter into the water, don't throw harmful things down the drain, and don't over use pesticides!