Famous People with Mental Illness

8 People-Whats Happening?

Winona Ryder-Early Onset Depression and Anxiety

  • Subject to much criticism
  • Seeking out professional help and treatments
  • Treatment will be similar as it would be now
  • The exposure to the media and critics did not help Ryder's Depression/Anxiety


High Functioning spectrum

Treatment nowadays would be very different

That far back in time no one knew of Autism or how to treat or diagnosis it

Autism helped his career by making him repetitive but hurt socially around him

Charles Dickens-Depression

At the start of each novel Dickens would fall into depression. Not everyone knew of this because he was a writer, not a public figure.

Others knew that he was sad and down sometimes angry but no formal treatment or diagnosis was given.

Today, he would have been medicated, possibly put under supervision, and treated psychologically.

I believe public knowledge of this helped his career but strengthened his depression

Ted Turner- Bipolar Disorder

Ted Turner sought help after his attempted suicide in 2001

These are fairly newer events so he would have been treated with medication and therapies

I think that the media and business sparked outbreaks with his disorder

Demi Lavato-Depression/Addiction

Demi Lavato dealt with her depression and addiction by first reaching out to music and then she checked herself into rehab

She received medication and many therapies

Her exposure, at first, hurt her. After rehab however she became an advocate and an example of hope for all young teens

Stephen Hawking-ALS

Stephen Hawking dealt with ALS by divulging into his work.

He was treated in the best way possible with modern treatments of his time.

Now there are more extensive treatments to prolong life and function

His exposure helped him with support from his colleagues

Darryl Strawberry-Depression

Strawberry dealt with his depression by drinking at first, he eventually sought medical attention

He received modern treatments such as medication and therapy

I believe the media did not help because it put more pressure on him with sports

George Patton-Bipolar Disorder

Patton wouldn't have dealt with his disorder outside or war

He was never diagnosed nor treated

Today, he would be medicated and attend therapies

I think that exposure to it wasn't relevant, however, his mood swimgs and change in personality probably strengthened the soldiers loyalty to him because they were scared. On the other hand, it may have held him back from looking like a consistent general