What's an Amobea?

An amobea is protozoan. It belongs in the kingdom Protista. It's name comes from a greek word, amoibe. All protists are microscopic, unicellular organisms. They don't fit into any other kingdoms. Sme are considered animal-like, while others are considerd plant-like. The amoeba moves by strectching its cytoplasmsinto extensions called pseudopodia. When you look at one under a microscope, you would see that it looks like any other cell. It is very flexible and can change shapes. The amobea feed on other cells. They "hug" them and, in a way, suck them in. The amobea live in ponds, or puddles, or even people. Amobea and humans are alike because they both can reproduce. Both are cells or are made of cells.

Amobea disease

Amobeas can cause diseases. The most common disease is called amebic dysentery. You get infected by drinking contaminated water. The amobea likes warm, wet places so they go to your stomach. They upset your digestiven system and cause cramps and diarrhea.