What it is and how to use it in your classroom

What is it?

From the Mentimeter website, "Mentimeter is a web-based tool that lets you engage and interact with your audience in real-time. You set the questions and your audience can give their input via a mobile phone or any other internet connected device."

  • Polling website
  • Allows for quick assessment to check for understanding
  • Easy to use - students can use phones or computer/laptop/chromebook as long as they have internet connection.
  • Multiple ways to display results to facilitate discussions with students
  • Can generate QR codes for voting

Question Types:

  • Open Ended
  • Multiple Choice
  • Vote on a scale from 0-5


  • Students who may not be comfortable speaking in front of others can have a voice through voting.
  • Promotes global awareness. Students are exposed to other points of views.
  • Increased student engagement
How to use

Classroom Integration Ideas

  • Icebreaker: Open the class with a question to spark a discussion relevant to what you will be discussing in class. The Assumption Wall activity is a great instructional strategy for this as well.
  • Exit Ticket: Ask an open ended question to see what students learned that day in class.
  • Check for understanding: Ask open ended or multiple choice questions that align with material just covered in class to see if students are understanding the concepts.
  • Student Choice: Allow students to choose the next novel or vote on which type of project they would like to complete.
  • One Word Splash: Students submit a one-word summary of the day's lesson. When setting up the question, choose to have results displayed as a word cloud. The words that are submitted the most will appear the largest.
  • Gauge student understanding: Ask a scaled question to see how confident your students are feeling in understanding the material being covered in class.