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Media & Media Literate

Media is everywhere, no matter where you go or what you see. Media to me is entertainment, and information. There is so many types of media, for example social media, print media, broadcast media, etc. Media is something anyone can relate to. Almost everyone uses media every day, watching the news or being on Instagram are two ways media is being used. Media helps people stay in contact with friends or family as well. I personally love media without it I would be bored out of my mind just because I use media so many times in a day and in this day of age technology and media has been evolving to greater heights. Media Literate to me means being able to truly understand media and why it’s important, and understanding the pros and cons of media. The reason I think media literate means that is because literate means to understand so therefore media literate is the understanding of different types of media. I honestly don’t think anyone fully understand everything there is to know about media but media is something that can bring people together but can also bring bad things. There is so many examples of media like snapchat, Facebook, twitter, even reading a cover girl magazine is media in its own unique way. In my eyes the most used media is social media, literally everyone I know uses it to connect to others by talking, pictures, etc. Social media to me is the most popular around the world. Overall, Media is a big deal and it’s something everyone has or had experience with at a point in their life. Media is something that will only continue to grow.

V for Vendetta

In James McTeigue dystopian movie script, “V’s Speech” (2005), He emphasizes that there is something faulty about the society we live in, and how the government needs to alter the way they rule the society.

First, the author shows this by saying “Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler, who promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent”, this quote is significant because it shows how people can be easily manipulated by their own government, then the author says” I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered”, this also displays how society forgets what the government wants them to forget.

In V’s Speech, the author uses quotes to imply his thoughts on why the government is corrupted, why the society itself is one big standstill, and why people want the perfect society and would do anything to have it; in order to show how people should not let their fears take away there freedoms and how they should strive for a society that is united not divided.

The people that McTeigue is directing his beliefs to is the people of London, and throughout “V’s Speech” his tone of voice changes from a humorous tone to a serious tone then lastly to an infuriated tone; all of these tones put together to show the importance of society, the main focus of the creation of “V’s Speech” was to shed light on the issues involving the government and society and McTeigue did just that.

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Anti - hero

Macbeth started off as a hero in the Scottish army. The reason he is a tragic hero is because he started off good but let his flaws of being easily manipulated and letting his greed of wanting to be king cause his downfall. Macbeth possessed many good and bad qualities, he was caring and protective over the king , he honored him ,but he was also very selfish and felt like he deserved more.Macbeth downfall happened because he believed that he could not be harmed or killed. He believed he was unstopable because of what the witches had told him. This is also his biggest flaw, not understanding that he was not invisible. Macbeth ended up dead as a result to his actions. All of the killings caught up to him and he just could not wash the blood off his hands and karma got the best of him.

Coulson, from agents of shield , which is a TV show made by Marvel is the anti hero I like best. Coulson lived in a dystopian society in which the government tried to keep there people in the dark with all the secrets , kind of like V for Vendetta. The government tried to deal with the humans with powers in there own unorthodox ways. Coulson formed his own team filled with agents , scientist , and supernatural people to fight there main enemy's known as hydra. Coulson and his team did what ever it took to insure that the people of the world would be safe. Coulson and his team had to stay low key because their society was not ready to accept these supernatural people and the knowledge of alien artifacts that his team found. I believe him and his team have been successful so far even with a few bumps in the road , they stay strong and continue to fight for others who can't . Overall ,Coulson is a anti hero because he does not always do things the right way or the way people would like him to do it and his flaws do hinder him but he continues to fight for a good cause.

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In tmobile commercial ad during the Super Bowl of 2015 , the company hoped to grab the viewers attention about their no contract deal, by implying that having a no contact phone service could benefit the consumers in a variety of ways.

Tmobile uses Tim Tebow, a well-known NFL player, to endorse how great the no contact plan is , first by showing all the freedoms he now has by switching to tmobile, and by showing how stress free being with tmobile is.

Tim Tebow major role in the commercial ad was to show how tmobile contract over other cell phone contracts is completely on a different level in order to get more people to join t mobile, tmobile shows and represents a no contact zone, who would not want that, everybody wants to feel free with their cell phone carrier.

The main audience of this commercial ad is towards anyone who pays for their cell phone , more specifically toward people with other cell phone carriers, the tone is happy, and overjoyed to have such a great cell phone carrier which invites others to want to feel the same happiness and freedom.


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Media & Technology

What is there to do when technology is enhancing every day that goes by? Without technology there would be no media, but then what would a human do without media in their life? This has become a major issue in today’s society and the problem is technology has led to a bunch of disjointed relations between the people of the world. Most people are too imperceptive to see the underlining issue that is only insuring havoc in their lives, without them even knowing. I believe that in order to ensure that this problem stops continuing, we as a nation should set standards of our own, we can push are families to spend more time with each other without the phones, or iPads, or anything that could distract us from our loved ones. The bonding of family can over stand anything and that’s exactly what we need right now up against the issue we face. Family is the most important thing overall and can help reduce media takeover, which is the main cause of this continuous problem we encounter.

‘We know that many people on social media sites often present idealized versions of their lives, leading others to make upward social comparison’s , which can lead to negative emotions (Schneiderman) “. This quote speaks of the majority of the population, and how media is used with them in their lives. Furthermore, no I don’t believe media can be controlled, how do the people control something when we ourselves help continue to build this issue? If the problem escalates , then eventually there will be no meeting up with a loved one , there will be no more books or newspaper, all you will know is the internet and the social media apps holding everyone as hostages idealizing the one thing that can be the most dangerous if used to much.

In order to be able to have both social media and the interactions we so dearly need, media and technology would have to be put in a use of only good and not bad. Media can be a helpful tool, let’s say you lost touch with an old friend, media can help you find them or maybe you want to show family member a picture of you and you have no other way of showing them. There is many positives to the use of social media and the advance of technology but if an overload of media is used and we continue to be so yearning for more, we might just get what we want but at the expense of something we need.

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As I look back on what we have discussed and decipher to understand what certain things were talking about , I have changed my views on some things but my thoughts on media literacy has yet to change. I still strongly believe that media is everywhere and it only continues to grow as seen in today’s society. But, I’m glad that I learned the true meaning on what media actually is and learning how media has effected today’s people in many different ways, some positive and some negative. I will definitely take the information I learned about media and have a different insight now on how I portray it. I was most certain that this class would be just like my other language arts classes but in this one we actually learned something that is happening now in the world, something us teenagers could relate and connect too. I think that to make this class better, maybe have more interactions with the students, have them bounce their ideas of to one another on how they feel about what’s being discussed, and having more presentations. I say more presentations because me personally hate being in front of a class and I’m sure I’m not the only one but maybe if we were to have more opportunities to develop that skill it could not only be helpful in that class but it can help in the future as well. Overall, this was an interesting course and glad it was something that I could see myself understanding and taking in all that was taught through the semester.

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