Summer Staff Weekly Update #4

17.18 Longbranch Elem.

Social Media Reminder

Summer is ripe for parties and fun. We want you to sharpen the saw, unwind, and have a fabulous time. That being said, this is a friendly reminder to keep your revelry off social media. I encourage you to set your settings on Facebook or Instagram to require you to approve of posts you're tagged in. Anything with alcohol, dancing on a stage, or putting you in any other precarious position really should come down. I cannot mandate that, but please understand my desire is to protect you. Keep social media clean. Teachers are simply held to a different standard.

Hey, Hey, Hey! The "Header Team" is ready to get creative!

We'd like to offer a service this summer to create headers for your student work if you don't want to do this yourself. A small team of gifted staff members with a genius for creativity have volunteered to make your header and hang it before Meet the Teacher Night.

Want us to do the dirty work? Click here:

PS: NOT a requirement. You can still do your own. Just a service for those that don't want to.

Comings and Goings (Summer 2017)

When we approve hiring through SBDM I will try to do a good job of letting you know who is being added to our family. Hopefully we don’t lose any (hint…hint) more of you this summer.

1. Afton is on a one year leave. The council has recommended Tammy Freihofer for her position. We are awaiting a final decision on certification by the Kentucky Board of Education. Our fingers are crossed this works out. This leaves a vacant sped para position that we’re keeping as one year only just in case the board doesn’t approve Tammy’s certification. We want to keep a safety net for her. This will likely be hired after the school year begins. Stephanie McDaniel will fill the position until we have a master plan.

2. Our part time STEAM teacher for grades 3, 4, 5 will be _____________. (someone I cannot mention yet who cannot start until September 5th. We’re working on Marcella Ashcraft as her sub until she can begin work.

3. We have pulled the part time counselor position. We will be trading Patty’s position to create a fulltime counselor. As soon as it’s approved and paperwork is in order, it will be posted and we will begin the interview process.

4. Angie has hired Darrell Cross and Jonathan Chaney to round out her 5-man staff.

5. Team leaders have been recommended (Lori Maddux, Robin Jones, Kathy Molen, Jordan Coyle, Nicki Duell, Brittany Pendleton, Regina Melvin, Chris Bolanos).

6. As a reminder, we will begin the year with Becky Siler subbing for Candace Clayton while she’s on maternity leave.

7. Also as a reminder, Melanie Siler is joining the 2nd grade team.

8. Jenna Sommerkamp will be Jenna Stewart when we return. Happy wedding week, Jenna.

9. Nicki Sagastegui is already Nicki Duell. Congrats!!

10. Jordan Coyle will become Jordan Johnson but not until later this fall.

11. Jaime Berryman is subbing this year and she'd love to be your sub. She can do certified, classified, or staff support.

12. One more announcement coming very soon.

I think that’s it!!

Now Hiring Orange Ninjas--We only need 2 more!!

What is an orange ninja?
An orange ninja is a top secret LBES employee who takes on the responsibility of spreading happiness throughout the year for a specific group of staff members. You have to stay anonymous ALL YEAR LONG. It doesn't have to cost money, but it can. Orange ninjas keep a pulse on their group and send positive messages, cards, candy, a cute meme from an anonymous email address, etc. throughout the year.

End in mind for orange ninjas: Spread the happy.

To apply: Let Erika know you're interested in being on this top secret team.

School Transformation Day 2017

Although they said 3 weeks...we really think they'll be finished painting by the end of this week. Next step...transformation for 2017-2018.

We will be organizing a BIG prep day on July 28th where we will be:
  • Touching up the gray paint
  • Changing out the teacher hallway classroom markers
  • Moving the Class of banners
  • Hanging the student's name plaques
  • Setting up staff info stations in your alcoves
  • Creating and hanging all the headers for your hallway displays
  • Decorating the new featured areas of the school

Sign up to help here. We need a big 'ol crew that day and would love to have you.

Sign Up for Your 17.18 Club

We're getting a jump start on clubs for 17.18 in hopes of having our first club day in September. Please sign up for the club you want to host next year. These are the clubs the kids requested.

Back to School Agendas

August 11th: TLIM Empowering Instruction
8:30am to 3:30pm

August 14th: Opening Day
8am to 3pm
8-9am: Complete online task (Read handbook/eval procedures/policies/code of ethics/etc. and sign off)
9-9:30am: Office Staff Reminders and Evaluation Review
9:30-10am: PBL Preview
10am-11:30am: Set 17.18 WIGs/Plan WIG Boards
11:30am-noon: Lighthouse Team and Lighthouse Status Update
Noon: lunch
Afternoon: Work on your own and meds training
Would also be a good time for action teams to touch base.

August 15th: PD Day
8am to 3pm
8-9:30am: PBIS 2.1 with our PBIS team
9:30-12pm: Meditation and Mindfulness with Cathy Sacco
Noon: Lunch
12:30pm-1:00pm: Trauma Informed School Plans
Afternoon: Complete online PD's (PBIS, BBP)

Back to School Dates

August 1 and 2: KinderCamp
August 9: Meet the Teacher Night
August 11: TLIM Year 3 Training
August 14: Opening Day, PBL Preview, and Meds Training
August 15: Morning PD (Mindfulness), Afternoon PD (Required online)
August 16: Opening Day for Students

Curriculum Nights: Week of September 5th. What is our plan? Roundtable like last year? Student led? Back to old format. You guys give me feedback on this.


Our current Voxer groups are:
  • LB Teacher Share Group (where we can share ideas and resources)
  • ILT 17.18 (instructional leadership team--formerly team leaders)
  • Longbranch Gratitude
  • Lighthouse

If you're not in one of the groups and want to be added, please let Erika know.

Assessment/PD/Meeting Calendar for 17.18

PBLs for 17.18

Please add your planned PBLs to this list. You have "edit" rights to this spreadsheet. Please update it.

This info is also on the Lead Learners site on the front page.

Teacher List 17.18

Erin Roach and Candace Clayton--Job share
Lisa Fischer
Lori Maddux

First Grade Teams
Beth Cahill (ELA/SS) and Linda Myers (Math and Science)
Lauren Ward (ELA/SS) and Robin Jones (Math and Science)
Cindy Wright (ELA/SS) and Theresa Sipple (Math and Science)

Second Grade Teams
Susan Alig (ELA/SS) and Kathy Molen (Math and Science)
Kim Delaney (ELA/SS) and Michele Stevens (Math and Science)
Liz Kidwell (ELA/SS) and Amy Shirden (Math and Science) and Mary Cann (co-teacher)

Melanie Siler (self contained)

Third Grade Teams
Diana Harkins (ELA/SS) and Jordan Coyle (Math and Science)
Ryan Barger (ELA/SS) and Donna Linesch (Math and Science)
Cindy Nelson (ELA/SS) and Pat Lucia (Math and Science)

Fourth Grade Teams
Nicki Sagastegui (ELA) and Cheryl Michels (Math)
Trisha Bremer (ELA) and Sarah Harvey (Math)
Amanda Leatherman (ELA) and Candace Heinze (Math)
All teachers teaching science and social studies.

Fifth Grade
Michelle Piatt (ELA), Brittany Pendleton (ELA), and Julia Whalen (ELA)

Meredith Larison (Math), Jenna Sommerkamp (Math), and Sami Cadwallader (Math)
All teachers teaching science and social studies. Teachers do not teach in teams.

Sped Team
Chris Bolanos: Complex Needs
Jennie Wagoner: K, 3, 4, and 5
Heather Lawson: K, 3, 4, ad 5
Mary Balles: Complex Needs
Mary Cann: 1 and 2 (coteach with Shirden/Kidwell)

Unified Arts
Nitza Fernandez-Plaski: Spanish
Jack Steele: Art

Regina Melvin: Music

Ellen Steele: Reading Intervention
Tammy Freihofer: PE
Stacie Kegley: Library
Melanie Roberts: STC, 1st grade Keyboarding, 2nd grade PBL, 3-4-5 Double Plan STEAM
Teresa Salmen: STEAM