Battle of Guadalcanal

The Battle of Guadalcanal started August 7th 1942
If America won the battle, they would be able to protect Australia better from Japan's attacks. If Japan won the battle, they could cut of the sea route from Australia to
This battle was fought in the Solomon Islands, which is north-eastern of Australia.
By the end of the battle, the Japanese had lost two-thirds of the 31,400 army troops.

Why this battle was important: The Japanese were surprised by the allied offense. Guadalcanal is an island close to japan that is now in the hands of the allies. This will soon lead to the Japanese surrender.

The battle ended in February 1943

Interesting Facts

Guadalcanal is now a free country
Japanese called Guadalcanal "Death Island" because they lost 10,000 soldiers due to starvation.
The battle was codenamed "Operation Watch Tower"