Tobacco: Negative Drug Abuse

Think before you smoke


  • Tobacco is a broad-leaf plant that is dried,cured, and grounded up and are used to chew and smoke.
  • Tobacco is used to make cigarettes and cigars
  • ''Chewing tobacco comes in several forms, including snuff and plugs''

Negative Effects


  • Tobacco could cause hunger and headaches
  • Tobacco could cause sore throats,gums, and tongue
  • It could cause depression or anxiety
  • ''The first time you chew, you have a terrible taste in your mouth''
  • ''You may choke or feel dizzy''


  • More than 440,000 Americans die of diseases caused by tobacco
  • Cigarette smoking alone counts as 30% of all cancer situations
  • About 43.8 million people in America smoke

Ways to quit using Tobacco

  • Write down reasons why you should stop smoking
  • Choose a certain date to stop smoking
  • Start cutting down by only smoking when you feel like you really want to
Some people who smoke don't know the consequences, but the many people who do know just don't care

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