Second Grade News You Can Use

September 8-11, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

Second graders showed their talents in three major areas last week. First of all, they were able to keep the baby foxes in our classroom until Friday for selling the most City Saver books in the lower school. Thus, they are amazing at sales. Sadly, on Friday after lunch, the big fox and the baby foxes left us to go visit the third graders because they pulled ahead of us. All is not lost. We can win them back if we work really hard this week.

The next amazing thing our second graders did this week is app smashing. They learned how to create numbers and represent them in 5 different ways using one app. Then, they screen shot their work. Finally, they uploaded their work onto Showbie. Showbie is a paperless classroom app I use to assign, collect, and grade work. This is so much more fun then doing a worksheet.

Finally, the second graders dabbled in authoring humorous fiction books. They showed their creativity and wit as they created Diary of a .... stories using Doreen Cronin books as their example. The humor is shown not only in the text, but in the illustrations, too. Some of the student authors were able to share their work with us on Friday afternoon. I could see examples of many of the techniques that Cronin used in her books. We talked about those again as the children used them and as the others recognized those features in the handmade books.


September 8th-City Saver Turn in Day

September 9th-Prize Day

September 11th-Last Turn in Day (could possibly be extended)

September 16th-CONFERENCE DAY (Follow the link to sign up for an available time. Contact me if none of those times work for your family)


New List: Consonant Blends with r, l, s

spin, clap, grade, swim, place, last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stage

Challenge words will be in planner this week. They will be numbers 13 and 14 on the list.


Stories: Teacher's Pets (Realistic Fiction) and See Westburg by Bus (Informational Text)

Essential Question: How is a school like a community?

Comprehension Skills: Story Structure and Author's Word Choice

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

High Frequency Words: (flash cards if needed) both, cold, eat, find, green, little, long, says, table, we

New Vocabulary: wonderful, noises, quiet, sprinkled, share, noticed, bursting, suddenly

Vocabulary Strategy: Base Words and Endings -ed and -ing

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

AR Tests-When your child is ready to take a test (after reading the book three times), then write the title of the book in your child's planner on the day you want the test taken. We will do our best to take the test that day.


Lessons this week are still from Chapter 1 on Number Concepts

We are finishing Lesson 1.7- Problem Solving Tens and Ones. We will cover Lesson 1.8- Counting Patterns Within 100. We hope to also cover Lesson 1.9- Counting Patterns Within 1,000. Once we finish Lesson 1.9, we will be ready for our first official Math test in Second Grade. I have assessed them as we have been working through this chapter. I do not move to the next section until we are ready. Do not fret about the test, they will be ready.


Our Studies Weekly have arrived. We will be using these non-fiction texts to learn more about Life in the United States. Our first topics are American Symbols, Where is the United States, and Rules and Responsibilities.


I mentioned in an earlier newsletter that we would be featured in Chapel on Wednesday at 7:50. However, the schedule has been modified and now 5th graders will be doing something to teach us about our story this week which is Jesus teaching Peter, Andrew, James and John about becoming fishers of men. Second graders will still be doing the pledges, scripture reading and prayer each morning including Wednesday in Chapel. You are always welcome to join us in the MPR on Wednesday mornings.


Life Cycles of Spiders and Insects will still be studied this week.


If I do not send an official homework assignment home in the Take Home folder, that does not mean your child has nothing to do. Every night your child should be reading for 10 minutes independently and 10 more minutes listening to reading or reading along with you. Also, practicing math facts or counting patterns should be done 3-5 times a week. This week have your child practice counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s. Have your child count forward and backward by ones starting at a random two digit number like 46. (46,47,48 or 46, 45, 44) One more thing, study spelling words a little each evening, too. All this can take up to 30 minutes which is why I try not to send too many other things home.