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September, October, November 2015


  1. Deb has assumed primary, but not exclusive, responsibility for answering tickets.
  2. First Reply Time has increased due to Deb's additional responsibilities in eQUIP & PD, Diane's focus on billing (Q1 & Q2), and Mark's shifting of ZenDesk tasks to the eQUIP team.
  3. Answering tickets requires a particular skill set.
  4. We are solving tickets as they come in; New vs. Solved ticket numbers are running quite evenly, which indicates that a backlog, when it occurs, is minor.

Quarterly Compilation of Zendesk Results

September 1 - November 29

157 new tickets
155 solved tickets
489 Agent Touches

First Reply Time
0 - 1 hours--35%
1 - 8 hours--29%
8 - 24 hours--22%
>24 hours--14%

13.20 hrs average


Each ticket requires approximately 3 messages/touches from us. This could be reduced by educating PoCs and students on the most efficient way to submit information within tickets. The more details they provide from the start, the fewer questions we need to ask.

One-third of the time, we answer tickets within minutes of receiving them. More than two-thirds of the time, we answer withing one working day.

Data doesn't tell the whole story. Solid working relationships are formed when providing good customer service. Many of these tickets required phone calls, logging in as students, and contact with Curriculum Providers.

The same time period in 2014:
  • 194 new tickets
  • 179 solved tickets
  • 736 agent touches
  • 25.60 hours First Reply Time

  • We have cut our agent touches by a third, and our First Reply Time in half.

Next steps...

  1. Continue to become more familiar with our technology so that we are prepared with an answer when a problem arises.
  2. Provide tools, guides, educational resources, etc. for students and administrators that will enable them to recognize and solve common issues. This increases efficiency all around.
  3. Offer on-site visits to maintain collegial relationships, show our support for students and PoCs, and observe the programs in action.
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