Knights' News

June 7, 2021


Sometimes we are dealt lemons, but out of lemons can come some great lemonade. This issue is a great reminder of creativity and resiliency in the face of change. No theatre production this year? Let's create an audio drama production instead!

No live classroom presentations? Let's get really creative with our slideshows and student demonstration of thinking.

No traditional Indigenous Day celebration? Let's find another way to celebrate the day.

No in person Parent-Reaching Out Grant evening. An engaging Zoom call it is!

We are full of reverence for the perseverance of students, teachers and support staff as we head into the final weeks of the semester, and are very happy to celebrate some of them here.

Happy June!

LEP Theatre Company Presents!

This year, the LEP Theatre Company has written, produced and starred in an audio drama. Take a listen to the trailers and full episodes via their Instagram page:@lep_castingshadows and via their website:

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Mrs. Ferguson's English Class: Writer's Notebooks

Over the course of the semester, students have a chance to take a break from their screens and put pen to paper in their Writer's Workbooks.

Whether writing beside poetry, responding to a TED Talk, or any variety of writing prompts, students have a chance to be creative and experiment with free writing.

At the end of the semester, students are invited to go back into their Writer's Workbooks and examine their Quick Writes. From here, they select one that they would like to continue with and polish into a finished, creative piece.

Check out some samples below:

Note: Tessa F. - Created a poem inspired by Dr. Suess and Charles Harper Webb's poem "How to Live"

Sarah I - Combined visuals with her own works of poetry.

Lauryn E - Developed her Quick Write about "The Perfect Day", combining use of watercolour to enhance the piece.

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National Indigenous Day

Here is a great way to celebrate! We are looking forward to the trivia challenge. Best of luck to all. You will also find the trivia question on our Facebook page so stay tuned!
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An Evening for Parents: Back on Track: Building Resiliency and Maintaining Wellness

Every year, the School Advisory Council commits to supporting our community parents through an outreach event. Last year, we held a documentary viewing of "Screenagers" followed by a discussion.

This year, we are hosting, via Zoom, the following free event. Katy Blanchard-Hytti, LEP's social worker, will lead us through some strategies to build resiliency that support family wellness as we transition into the summer months.

Practical tips and resources will be shared in an informal and interactive hour-long presentation.

We sincerely hope you join us for this free event. The Zoom link will be shared on our Facebook page and via an email to our parents later this week.