The Wave

Coronado Middle School April 6-10, 2020

April’s Key of Excellence: Flexibility:

Be willing to do things differently. Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal.

This week's mindset quote: Be bold, be humble, be brave, be resilient, be productive, be good to yourself and good to each other. Be careful, be caring."

Here We Go!!

Thank you for all of the work you've done to provide our kids with continued learning during this unfortunate and difficult time. You are so very appreciated!

Remember, this is new to all of us, so let's be sure to help each other out, share and champion our successes, work through the challenges together, and be patient with yourself, your students, and each other.

Messages from Karin

This Week:

April 6: Day 1 of Distance Learning

Application Electives available to students

April 7: TLT Meeting 3:00-4:15 pm on Zoom

April 8 Staff Meeting 2:00-3:15 pm on Zoom. Complete a CMS Virtual Shout Out! before the meeting

April 9 Video due for Month of Military Child

April 10 Holiday - No School Grades Due Window closes at noon

April 13 Holiday - No School

Welcome, Bo Brady Falar!!! Brooke, Bobby and Robby are so happy to welcome Bo to the family. Bo was born on April 2nd at 7:56 am! He’s 20 inches, 7lbs 9oz, and Brooke is doing great. Photos below.

Grades in Synergy: ParentVue will be close on 4/10 at 12:00 pm. Please have all of your grades posted by then.

Classified Staff: If you need a technology device, please let me know.

ZOOM: If students set up their own Zoom account, they may use their email address. Reminder: parents need to give their child consent to set up their own account

2020-2021 Application Electives: Details and information will be provided in the April 5th Triton News. Applications will be completed online and the submission deadline is April 17th.

Message to Parents: You may want to post something like this on your PowerSchool page with your your office hours: “Office hours are designated times to provide students with feedback. Parents, please communicate with me via email, and I will get back to you.”

Going on Campus: The site has been cleaned and staff are welcome to work on campus or stop by to pick up items.

Handbook Additions/Deletions: Please send Karin any proposals you have by April 30th.

Laurie Fountain will be our innovation teacher, and starting next week she will be posting activities, videos, web links, and more information to support you as well as students.

Megan Pettit: She’s a great resource and can assist with Powerschool pages and projects. The library Powerschool page has lots great information and examples of collaboration projects

More from Karin

Shout Outs:

Jason, Marshall, Donnie, and Kathy M. for organizing the technology distribution last week. Hundreds of Chromebooks went out to our CUSD students!

Jennifer for working through the details with me!

Ramona for your feedback and support

Karin's Office Hours: I will have daily office hours, but please know that we can schedule appointments as well. You can email Dollyanne AND me.

Mon., April 6: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm I will be distributing materials to students all day.

  • Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 412 017 718

Password: 015023

Tues., April 7: 11:00 am-12:30 pm

  • Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 409 520 848

Password: 004927

Wed. April 8: 8:30 am - 10:00 am

  • Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 453 294 365

Password: 032740

Thursday, April 9: 1:45 pm -3:00 pm

  • Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 716 022 691

Password: 001233

Meetings: I’d like to attend one of your team planning /discussion meetings every week. Thank you for continuing to invite me. Some meetings may overlap for me, but I’ll do my best to stop by.

CMS Information Updates Link: I will continue adding important information to this document throughout the week.

Staff (DL)QUESTIONS/COMMENTS Link: Please continue to add your questions here.


IEP UPDATE: I am sure many of you are wondering what the status is for IEPs. At this time, we are still mandated to hold IEP meetings in order to stay in compliance. This means that we still need a general education teacher to attend, as this person is a statutory member of the team. The meetings will be held via Zoom or telephonically. At these meetings, we will be reviewing present levels, progress on previous goals, draft goals, supports and parent concerns. We will discuss services, but likely not be able to offer FAPE at this time. Case managers will work to schedule meetings around teacher office hours. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we begin this new adventure. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Counseling Corner

The Key of Excellence for April is Flexibility - Be willing to do things differently. Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal.

Weekly counseling lessons and resources for students will be posted on our Powerschool page but also in the Wave for your reference. This week’s lesson provides students with self-regulation strategies and an optional check-in form. Counseling Lesson April 6-9, 2020

Information and applications for application elective classes will be posted on the counseling Powerschool page this week. Applications will be due Friday, April 17 by 3:00 pm. Thank you Kevin, Linda, Matt, Michelle, and Tracy!

April is the Month of the Military Child

With everyone at home, celebrating military kids this year will take on a different look. Staff are invited to send a short video message addressing the military-connected students at CMS.

Please send your video to our military liaison, Mindy Hayes at

  • Send by THURSDAY, APRIL 9th at 3:00 pm.
  • Be sure to include that you work at CMS

Let’s make Month of the Military Child as special as ever for our students!

Zoom Update

Starting April 5th, Zoom has enabled passwords on your meetings and turned on Waiting Rooms by default as additional security enhancements to protect your privacy.

Meeting Passwords Enabled “On”

  • Going forward, your previously scheduled meetings will have passwords enabled. If your attendees are joining via a meeting link, there will be no change to their joining experience. For attendees who join meetings by manually entering a Meeting ID, they will need to enter a password to access the meeting.
  • For meetings scheduled moving forward, the meeting password can be found in the invitation. For instant meetings, the password will be displayed in the Zoom client. The password can also be found in the meeting join URL.

Virtual Waiting Room Turned on by Default

  • Going forward, the virtual waiting room feature will be automatically turned on by default. The Waiting Room is just like it sounds: It’s a virtual staging area that prevents people from joining a meeting until the host is ready.

How do I admit participants into my meeting?

  • As the host, once you’ve joined, you’ll begin to see the number of participants in your waiting room within the Manage Participants icon. Select Manage Participants to view the full list of participants, then, you’ll have the option to admit individually by selecting the blue Admit button or all at once with the Admit All option on the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • Be sure to look at the names closely before opening room.

Check out these resources to learn How to Manage Your Waiting Room and Secure Your Meetings with Virtual Waiting Rooms.

Messages from Michelle and Yearbook

Congratulations to the CMS Yearbook Staffers! The 2019 yearbook was selected to be part of the Jostens Look Book. The Look Book goes out to schools nationwide as outstanding examples of different aspects of yearbook layout and design.

Congratulations to Michelle and the 19-20 Staffers for completing and submitting this year's book!

Distance Learning PL Opportunities

A few short articles:

Social-emotional support article

Tips for Students with Executive Functioning Needs

Tips for Parents

Share your distance learning best practices at this DL Best Practices Link

Triton Shout Outs

Triton Shout-Outs!

Nicola for taking care of all of our kids with their “Corona Virus” symptoms. Anonymous

Lynn Hanson Rowe for coming to the rescue!!Thanks a ton! Karin

Misty & Paulina for all of their support every day I am at CMS! Alison Keehan

Karin & Brooke for managing a million things at once and always finding the time to support me! Alison Keehan

Megan Pettit for sharing your library this year & helping me with all the little things!! ☺ Mr. T

Melody Jensen for offering to cover my class when needed! I appreciate you. Allyson Heyen

Ms. Walmsley for recognizing students in need & being willing to try multiple strategies to reach them. You make a difference. Misty Kint

Megan Pettit for getting our Tritons involved with the Community Read. Karin

Kim P. for sharing her awesome knowledge with me. I am so lucky to work with you! Katey B.

Karin Mellina & Brooke Falar working closely with one of my “challenging” kiddos and finding a schedule to best support him/all students in the classroom. Megan Appel

Kristina Byrd for car jam sessions & her great advice. Katey B.

Karin Mellina Everything!! Kathy Cotten

Paulina Vu for always supporting me and listening! Stacy Salimando

Adam Sayre for being an incredible team player! Alison Keehan

Tracy & Kristina for taking the Adv. Art kids to the Getty! Karin

Matt Smith for covering my class to allow me to attend my son’s awards ceremony. You rock! Thank you! Allyson Heyen

Amy Amerling for being so well prepared for her meetings this week! Alison Keehan

Katey Bouwman for noticing & addressing the social and emotional needs of our students. Your care & compassion makes a difference! Misty Kint

Cara Hetrick for being an amazing teacher and a great friend! Stacy Salimando

Melissa Miller for just always being your amazing self! Cara

Katey B for your optimism and great ideas. Thank you for all you do. Matt S.

Ryan Keller for being an awesome co-teacher all year. I’ll miss working with you, but I’m excited for your new role! Megan Appel

Matt Smith for Helping me feel like I know what I am doing on a daily basis & for his humor. Katey B.

Stacy Salimando for being a caring and supportive friend. Cara

Nicola McMahon for being an AWESOME nurse and colleague! Jensen

Nancy Adams for all your continued support with our students in science class! Stacy Salimando

Cara H for her constant warm attitude & being so kind! You are awesome! Katey B.

Brooke Falar for Keeping our kids on track with a smile every day! K. Cotten

Kim Pittner for always being a caring friend and an awesome colleague! Kelly Sailers

Pauling Vu for being flexible & patient with one of my kiddos and making a schedule to best support this child. Megan Appel

Misty Kint for being amazing with our students and their families. Cara

Laurie Narmore for supporting our students in the ILab ☺ Kathy C

Matt Smith for being willing to reach out to students & families & do whatever it takes to help students achieve success. Misty Kint

Ryan Keller & Matt Smith for helping my class get to the Keith Hawkins assembly. Cara

Kelly Sailers for always being willing to be part of SST, 504, and parent meetings! Ms. Kint

Kristina Byrd for being the best chaperone ever on the advanced art field trip to the Getty. Tracy

Kim Pittner for getting our 6th graders humanities team ready for CAASSP Practice. Tracy

Matt Smith for your endless perseverance! Amy Amerling

Eric Bachman for doing a bang-up job with a very challenging 7th grade!!☺ Mr. T

Kim Pittner sharing great tips on how to conduct SBAC practice testing! Thank you! Allyson Heyen

Amanda for always helping me when I have questions. You rock! Haley

Brooke Barto for your support with our shared students! Thank you! Kelly Sailers

Alison Keehan for always having the answers. Amy Amerling

Allyson H. for being an awesome teammate! Thank you for all of your collaboration. Haley

Katey B. for helping me get all my stuff to my classroom ☺--being a good friend. Dejarnette

Dollyanne for being one of the most kind and flexible people in the world! Your calm nature is a blessing on this campus. Matt Smith

Michelle for planning a fun dance for the telethon. Let’s boogie! Haley

Megan Pettit for all of your help creating library pages for 7th & 8th grade history. Kelly Sailers

Katey B I appreciate everything you do! Thanks for your awesome teamwork. Kim ☺

Misty Kint for all of your support with my students this year! Kelly Sailers

Kelly and Kelly for being the best History 7 team members a guy could ask for. Matt Smith

Karin Mellina Amazing Advice! Ramona L.

Brooke Falar for the many many things she does to support staff and students every day. Looking forward to learning from the best! Keller

Amy for being so helpful in the classroom. The kids are so lucky to have you! Haley

Kristina Byrd for her amazing leadership. Anonymous

Kelly S for being a great teammate and friend, as always! DJ

Amy Thank you for all the wisdom and support you provide our friends. Matt Smith

Laura Noonan for all her hard work accommodating and modifying and supporting students with disabilities. Keller

Haley Leverton for all the awesome lesson extras and creative ideas! Ramona L.

Kathy Cotten for always being so friendly & positive ☺ Megan Appel

Lynn Hanson Rowe for stepping into my teaching role for the next few weeks. You’re awesome! Keller

Misty Kint for being an INCREDIBLE counselor. We are lucky to have you at CMS! Jensen

Brooke Barto for being a great colleague and friend! Haley

Allyson Heyen for great lunch conversations! We love having you as part of the CMS team! Anonymous

Brooke Falar for being an awesome leader for our staff and students. Congrats! Cara

Michelle Evenson for all her awesome work on the CSF Dance routine→It’s gonna Rock! Eric Bachman

Haley Leverton for Trusting me as her co-teacher. Amy Amerling

Kristina Byrd for keeping me sane ♥ DJ

Tracy for taking me to the Getty! Byrd

Sara Cammann for Doing a Terrific job with our 6th Graders!! Karin

Kevin Donahue for all your hard work with your students and for putting down the post it notes! Byrd

Paulina for all your support and Bachelor ♥ Byrd

Michelle Evenson for always supporting with Women’s History Month and Black History Month. Ramirez

Kevin Donahue for his awesome support of me and all of our students. DJ

Stacy for giving me lesson plan help! Byrd

Bonnie McCann for her encouraging words when I am going through tough times with my 7th grade students. Eric Bachman

Kevin & ASB for setting up the March Madness tournament. Brian

Jeremy Handysides for making sure our students have an awesome T3 experience. Eric Bachman

Nancy Adams for her positivity and willingness to support students and teachers every day. Keller

Amy Amerling for always supporting our students. Ramirez

Elizabeth Wertz for leading a great and fun math lesson! Adam Sayre

Kristina Byrd & Science for piloting Pearson together! Ramirez

Michelle for coming up with a dance routine. Byrd