The Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

by Jack Vinson

The Disaster of 1919

Terror fills the streets as a monsterous wave of molasses barrels through the city of Boston. Yes, unbelievably so, it was molasses. Most people think the tank wasn't constructed correctly, others think it was done intentionally by a bomb. In 1919, the city of Boston experienced a horrific tragedy, as a huge wave of molasses struck.
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Time and Size

It was January 15, 1919 12:30 pm when 2 million gallons of molasses spilled across the city of Boston at a shocking 35 miles per hour. The tank was 58 feet tall and 90 feet wide, causing a 15 to 30 feet high wave of molasses sweep the city.

The Losts

The horrible tragedy caused 150 people to be injured, and it killed 21. The people who were killed were either suffocated, cooked to death, or pushed out to sea. It was very difficult for rescue teams to reach down and pull the victims out of the goop

Damage Caused

Knocking homes and warehouses off their foundations, the flood caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Part of the city's elevation train was destroyed. After the tragedy, hundreds of people got together to clean up the mess by pumping salt water from the sea to clean the houses and buildings. So yes, the tragedy did take some lives, but in the end they all worked together to overcome the horrifying disaster of 1919.
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