5th Grade News

MAP Testing

State Testing is just around the corner and with it comes many different feelings. Some students like the challenge, while others feel apprehension or anxiousness. Reminding your son/daughter that this test does assess pieces of Science, Math and ELA that they have learned, but it in no way assesses all the amazing things your child has mastered this year. We are proud of the gains our 5th graders have made this year.

Throughout the testing days, students will be able to eat breakfast at school for FREE! We know that eating breakfast and healthy snacks boosts achievement and we want to supply healthy snacks for our students throughout the day. If you are able, please sign up at the link below to provide a healthy snack during testing.

Link to volunteer to bring snacks: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0B45AAAF2EA5F94-maptest1

  • ELA Testing - April 11-12
  • Math Testing - April 14-15
  • Math Testing - April 21-22

Show your Support!

During MAP testing, it is important for our students to know how supported they are in their learning efforts.

Please take time to write your child a small letter or note for MAP to let him/her know that you support their hard work and effort. Please send your note/letter back in an envelope with your child to school. During the days students test, we will place the letters on their desk.

Get the whole family involved—letters from brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents are all welcome! Deadline for letters is Friday, April 8.

Important Dates/Events:


21 - Read from the Start @ 5:30-7:00p

24 - Spring Picture Day

25-31 NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)


5 - Fundraising money due

8 - Diner's Club

11/12 - ELA MAP Testing

14/15 - MATH MAP Testing

15 - Mid-quarter 4

18/19 - SCIENCE MAP Testing

19 - McTeacher's Night 4-8 pm

21 - Field Trip Earnest Sheppard

Academically Speaking

Reading/ELA/Social Studies - Students have been reading about topics related to Westward Expansion. As we read, we learned how to take notes over important details from text. Students learned how to effectively organize their research notes, so they could write a paragraph including a topic sentence, body of research, and concluding sentence/section. We will continue to read and learn about events in history that lead to the Civil War.

Take-Away: Ask your child what the parts of a paragraph are. If they get stuck, tell them to think about a burger.

Science - In science, the 5th graders are studying evaporation & condensation and its role in weather. Students have applied what they have learned about convection currents and uneven heating of the earth to investigate how this affects the water cycle. The students have also been researching a "Space" topic of their choice and are in the process of writing a 5 paragraph essay. Students have been researching to take effective notes, composing their notes in their own words (without plagiarizing), and writing 3 cohesive body paragraphs that have a good mix of facts and the students' schema on the topic. In the coming weeks, the 5th graders will be reviewing a variety of science concepts/skills before the upcoming MAP test.

Take-Away: Ask your child what their topic of research is? Ask them to share their writing with you.


In math students are working to complete line graphs, line plots, and stem and leaf plots to display data sets. Students will be using the data from frequency table, ordered pairs, and tables and present them in a visual. We are learning to recognize relationships between the x and y values, and generating equations based upon those relationships. After completing this unit, we are going to be working on converting measurements.

Math Take-A-Ways: We are getting close to end of the year testing! This website is a great way for students to practice grade-level skills at home with immediate feedback. https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-5.

KSHB 41 News Visits

Nicole Miller from the KSHB Meteorology department visited us last week to wrap up our unit on weather and climate - students were featured on KSHB Monday Morning (2/29).

Check out your 5th Graders: https://vimeo.com/157440117