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If you are looking for the top immigration lawyers to help you with your case you may want to consider immigration lawyers California based as they will be able to offer more help for your particular situation. An immigration lawyer is someone who is more than just helping people become members of a state or a country. He will be able to advice a person on how to be able to get a working or student visa in a certain country. It is also of an immigration lawyer specialty to present legal help in how a person will have a working visa for a certain time period and it is his specialty to help people in getting their citizenship. The lawyers will also help in obtaining and learning the basics of the country’s history and language in order to be a citizen.

Becoming an immigration lawyer is not a walk in the park. A person has to go through four years in a bachelor’s degree plus qualifying for law school by passing the Law School Admission Test. With an excellent LSAT score, he can now proceed into enrolling in a prestigious law school. The next step after finishing the curriculum in law, which would mainly consist of general law and legalities in writing, some would also highlight immigration law, and the candidate can now proceed to entering a good law firm as an intern. This candidate might be compensated while doing his duties as an intern in the firm. Exams will be taken after such as the Multistate Performance Test and the Multistate Essay Examination which lead to having a state license. These are all given after being granted the degree for Juris Doctor.

There is a minimum of 7 years of study after high school that is required in order to become an immigration lawyer. This is after earning the bachelor’s degree plus the Juris Doctor’s law degree. Although there is not required degree or major that should be taken before taking up law but it is best if the willing candidate would take up a program of study related to the constitution or government. Becoming an immigration lawyer takes time, effort and constant learning, even if the degree is over, there will always be room for improvement in this field especially because this involves taking care of people that would be needed the expertise of a highly educated immigration lawyer.


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